1950 VW Beetle Convertible For Sale

This is a very rare and ultra desirable 1950 Beetle Convertible.
This is extremely early for Beetle production when it comes to the convertible models
and the current world population of 1950 Convertibles is very low indeed.
It has been said again and again, there are less 1950 Karmann bodied Beetle Convertibles that there are Hebmullers
amd I do believe that to be true.

These cars have been red hot on the collector car market for very good reason.
The rarest and earliest models are leading the way as they should.

This example was restored many years ago but still is very presentable.
It does have a very mild patina to it that shows a little age but the joy of that is that it is not so precious that
you would be afriad to drive it.  The interior is done in a cloth similar to the era materials for the sedans.
A bit of light wear to it, but very comfy and it has a nice period look to it.

The engine is a correct 25 horse with all the trimmings,
The only non period item being a replacement coil.
The flat cap 383 distributor is here, the T air cleaner and round regulator, etc...it all looks good
and runs good too. Clean, but not concours level obviously.

Under the front hood is clean as well with a matching spare wheel and tire as well as th correct large cap fuel tank,
stampled trunk liner and very nice condition glove boxes.
Winring is in good shape as well.

Love that color combination!
These early convertible models were the only ones to receive a two tone paint job by VW from the factory.
While it has long been a fashion to do this on sedans and such throughout the years, only the Hebmullers and early
Karmann body cars were produced this way.

OK numbers giris...who is going to be the first to date this engine case for me?
I know I could look it up but I want to see if you guys are paying attention!
Get back to me with your findings!

The car has all the right bits in place and that is extremely important when it comes to a rare early model like this.
The semaphore signals behind the door, the correct early seats, check out that accessory horn ring as well.

Luggage rails are in place in the back area, carpet is the proper square weave material.
Being a very early car the body has an access plate over the top of the trans back here that
on this car the carpet has been stitched to allow access to it without having to remove the carpet.

16" wheels look great in the matching two tone and wrapped with the wide whitewall tires.

Aprons front and back have the "H" pattern stampings.

The underside of the car is quite clean and solid.
Transmission is the correct splt case unit.
Being a deluxe model as all convertibles were, this has hydraulic brakes.
The correct lever shocks are still in place on this car which is nice to see...so many have been swapped
for telescopic shocks over the years.

The floorpans look very solid and quite clean.
It looks like perhaps the battery side has been replaced at some point as you can see the ever so slight difference in the stampings
but as we all know, rust under the battery of an old VW is the absolute most common spot for repair.
All done very cleanly though as you can see and the rest looks great.

Pedals with the large VW logo, fuel reserve lever has the "ZAR" plate intact.

The car has been a part of a very impressive private collection for many years.
It has always been treated well and stored indoors and kept detailed.
Recently in preparation for sale, the car was pulled out and tuned up and
some minor tough up and repair done so it is ready for a new home.

Such a pretty car!

Here are a couple more underside shots to show you how clean and solid the car is.


While the car is obviously a gorgeous example, as you get close you will see some minor flaws and age related
things. The top as you can see is in wonderful shape and fits well, but the material shows slight wear from use, etc.

The chrome is in nice shape all the way around.
The large logo hubcaps  are technically an earlier design than 1950, but they certainly help
date the car as being something very early.  The correct grooved bumpers and guards are present
as are the iconic round horn grilles and cast aluminum hood handle that only the "splits" had.

The convertible top has a flat glass rear window as well as all three of the metal trims at front , back and crown over the rear window.

A peek behind the wiring cover shows correct and clean cloth covered wiring as original.

Paint has a nice gloss to it and the colors are wonderful.

That split dash is the money shot for sure...there is nothing quite like it.
The accessory horn ring on the "bat wing" wheel looks great, the pull out ashtray, semaphore switch and starter button are proper.

Speedo pod has the correct early ignition key switch.

The front body tag is still in place with the factory rivets.
Body number present as well.


It is no wonder these early cars are in such demand...they are just spectacular.

Here is a little close up to show some of the age related issues.
There is nothing major, but this is not a fresh and perfect car.
If it were, the price would be significantly higher for sure.

Headliner shot...looks like the correct convertible only mirror in place as well as the dome light.

Wipers look like the correct early style

Clock detail.
Looks like to the right of the clock are holes from a previously mounted "blumenvasen" (flower vase)
I would certainly pop one back on there as it seems such a natural for a early cabrio like this.

Simple door mounted mirror installed at some point for safety.
From what I have seen, the factory didnt install these on the early cars,,,but it is definitely a needed item!

Overall a very nice car and a mega rare one at that.
It shows well, drives well and is a very rare opportunity to find today, especially in the US.
The owner is open to all realistic offers but I think the asking price is spot on for the market today.
With top level Hebmullers well into the mid 200's these days and these cars being technically rarer in many ways,
I can certainly see the day when these will break the 200 mark, and I would not doubt that it would happen soon.
While certainly a lot of money for a "Beetle" this is as special as they come!

$115,000 obo

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