1968 VW V8 Powered Street Machine

This pretty little Beetle has a very big secret under the hood.
What at first glance may appear to be another custom Beetle... the sound and the
action when the pedal is pushed tells you quickly that something serious is going on.

The rust free Beetle body was removed from original floor pan and mounted on a full pro built 2”x 3” steel chassis.
A steel floor and firewall were hand fabricated. All seams coated with 3M Seam Sealer.
The 350 Chevy crate engine started life as truck engine in 1975. It was rated at 375 hp.
The transmission is a Chevy 350, completely rebuilt. The Front suspension is Mustang II with rack and pinion steering.
Front Discs are Wilwood. The rear is a narrowed Plymouth Roadrunner with 3:23 gears.
The third member was professionally rebuilt. Moser Engineering Shortened the axles.
The driveshaft was custom built and balanced, adapting the Plymouth universal joint.
Cooling is handled by a Griffin racing radiator with a 2 ½“ core.
The exhaust is, 2 ¼”, custom made with block hugger headers and exits out the rear.
The starter is a high torque Powermaster.
The dash is digital by Nordskog.
A 16 gal baffled, aluminum gas tank was custom made.
Wiring is Ron Francis’ Wire Works. The shifter is Lokar.
The fenders are fiberglass with the fronts 2” wider than stock and the rears 3”wider than stock. T
he battery is in the “trunk”. The original gas tank filler was relocated to the driver side in back of the back window.
The tires are BF Goodrich on chrome wheels. Rear tires P295/50 R15. Front tires P215/60 R15.
The paint is acrylic enamel turquoise with 3 clear coats. Interior is gray with Recaro style seats.

The car is always a big hit and recently won “Prompters Choice” at a local car show.
The car has been sitting for a while and when I started it I noticed a slight oil leak. I believe it is a rear main seal, not a difficult fix.

 The only thing remaining to be done is to connect the windshield wipers.
Owner will also provide the information and instruction booklets for all the major components used in the building of this car.

OK...so lets have a look eh??

LOL...quick diversion...nice pinstriping!!

OK...now to the good stuff... here is the powerplant and it's fittment.
Really nice quality fabrication throughout.
This was not a home built hack like so many I have seen.

Nice and tidy tucked in there with decent access to everything.
All show detailed and it runs as good as it looks.

Aluminum radiator is very nice and the engine dress up bits give it a great look.

Really nicely finished everywhere you look.

And out back..."where'd the engine go???

Paint quality is excellent and the detailed striping is very classy and well done.
The twin exhaust tips out back are  a nice touch.

Interior of the car is also well trimmed.

Tilt steering wheel and well layed out controls.

The seats are all in excellent shape, Scat "Procar" units, very comfortable.

Rear seat area is upholstered and trimmed well...no room for riders back there though.

Simple digital dash keeps everything very clean inside.

Here are some detail shots of the costruction of the car so you can see the quality of the work.

The builder was serious about building something solid and sound.

Here are some fabrication photos of the floor and firewall.

Fuel filler was relocated into the rear post.


And now in paint.

In closing this is a serious abount of fun wrapped up in a Beetle body.
The car is well sorted and show worthy in all respects and is ready for a new home and
a whole lot of fun at the stoplights around your neighborhood!


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