1949 Volkswagen Beetle Sedan For Sale

Ok...you are driving through the countryside and off in the distance you spy a familiar shape
a little black Beetle in the driveway...looks nice!

As you approach you realize that this is not your average old VW, but one of the earliest models
a true 1940's Beetle in the flesh.

This is where it all started...the humble Beetle.
This is a 1949 standard model that has been wonderfully restored and kept in a climate controlled garage
since completion.  The restoration is 25 years old but you would never tell it by the condition...it looks
fresh and gorgeous like it just rolled off the showroom floor.

The car started out as a true survivor, extremely solid and totally complete
it even has the original numbers matching 25 horse engine.

The car has been sitting in the owners garage/showroom since 1992 and has just been kept clean
but not used at all. Like tucked away in a time capsule and now back out in the sun.

The restoration looks to have been done very accurately for the year of the car.
The quality is high even by today's standards.

The standard models are so pure and simple...no frills, the most basic of materials and the legendary Volkswagen
quality. And all of that seems very much intact on this car.

The standard models just had the headliner in the center of the roof...the posts remained painted steel.

The center mounted domelight is correct.

The back of the seat trimmed with a hardboard panel as original.

Square weave wool rugs and the proper luggage rails.

Everything is excellent shape.

The dimple in the roof line and the football shaped mirror.

Glove boxes lined with the seat material.

Carpet beautifully fitted and bound in cloth.

Looks like the hood latch cable has come undone...oops.
Pedals have the proper early large logo pads...the roller pedal may be slightly off, but it is similar to what was in the car when new.

Choke handle and straight shifter,
The knob shape looks off to me but this would be an easy swap.

The instruments have been redone and the car has been driven
what I believe to be 48 miles since completion...it has been a true garage queen.

Dash mounted clock is interesting...not the same as what I have seen before, but it seems to match the era and look well.

Semaphore switch and push buttom starter look proper. Ignition switch is incorrect.

Things look clean in the corners.

This was a body off restoration and the underside is just as clean as the top side!

Front end detail.

Under the engine lid

Crank start rear apron with the proper tin and crank start pulley nut.

Yes...you can hand crank this engine to start it.
It does have an electric starter of course...but there is nothing cooler than walking back
behind the car with your crank in your hand and firing it up!

383 flat top distributor.
Early style fuel pump.

"star" coil.

Mushroom air cleaner and D regulator...notice the seamed fan shroud as well
all proper for the car.

Wiring looks fantastic with the cloth covered loom.

Very clean and well detailed engine room, and from what I have been told
this is the numbers matching engine to the car.

Cloth wiring throughout.

Very clean and well detailed under the front hood as well.
Proper 16 " wheels and tires.


Hood latch detail.

Large diameter fuel filler and flat tank.

Very clean

Bumpers are the grooved style with the smooth guards.
Single tip exhaust, the correct taillights.

In 49 these lights were used...earlier models had a metal bezel around the lens.

The iconic split rear window.

Grooved semaphores with the VW logo lenses.

One piece side windows with the ventilation notch.

Running board rubber technically should have thinner grooves but at the time of the restoration
these parts were not available. The proper stuff is now and it would be a very easy and fast swap
to improve the car even more.  Check out the paint finish by the way...excellent!!

Wiper arms are the correct wire style units.

Bumper mounted horn.
(no horn grilles on thes early cars)

VW logo headlight lenses with the black painted rim...so cool!

Avon bias ply tires are a perfect choice.
You can see in this photo one scratch in the finish just forward of the wheel.

Body tag and numbers

Really an incredible car and the type of machine that is truly museum worthy just as it sits.

Keep in mind that the car has been sitting since 1992.
The storage facility was top notch, never exposed to the weather...heated in winter and air conditioned in summer
but it would be wise to check fuel lines and fluids before starting it up.
With cable actuated brakes on an early car like this...that part is simple.
A fresh battery and fuel and a once over and it will breathe to life again.

This is the icon...it all grew from this.
History on wheels.

Very rare Beetle, very nicely restored, condition is excellent.
If you have the means...this is one to have and hold till death do you part.

And as you drive off and continue to dream about what you just saw...
you think is there a way I can make it mine?
I am very curious to see where this wonderful Beetle ends up...come on gentlemen...are you the new owner?

Vehicle is located in the the state of Washington.


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