1952 VW Split Window Beetle For Sale

This is a 1952 "Standard" model Beetle that is currently located in Southern California.
It is a car with a well known history in the Vintage VW scene, it was featured in VW Trends magazine a number of years ago,
a DKF (Der Kafer Fahrer) club member car, featured in a Car and Driver Classics video was done on the car
and it is on the "Hoffman Beetle Registry" as one of only four documented standard model
1952 Beetles existing that were built specifically for the US market and delivered through Max Hoffman in New York.

The restoration of the car was done quite a few years ago, but has just recently been refreshed and improved
and the car shows very well. It also is a wonderful driver.

The paint was done in Glasurit L90 Sand Carbon and the paint finish is quite nice.
The chrome is excellent, panel fit is very good, rubber is all nice and everything looks really tidy.

The bumpers have the correct 1952 only bumper guards, the taillights and "Popes nose"
are proper for the year. The "L" decklid handle is another split only item.

The split rear window Beetles are highly prized and have been for quite some time.
In the past couple of years the values have been rising quickly and very few are on the market at any given time.

The standard model Beetles of the era are the most simple and pure when it comes to the design.
No side chrome, simple interiors, cable brakes...it is all basic "Beetle" as pure as can be.

In the early days of VWs built for the US market, the vast majority were Deluxe models .
(which makes perfect sense considering American cars of the 50's)
The few standard models that were ordered by Hoffman were equipped with chrome bumpers, handles and hubcaps.

The small round split taillights are correct for the year, with the 53 models getting a different light.

52 was also the last year for the original design dashboard , in October of 52 things changed to the Oval window style dash.

The standard model Beetles also lacked the round horn grilles of the Deluxe
and the horn was mounted on the bumper bracket behind the bumper.

Such a great shape...it is no wonder the VW Beetle is one of the world's best loved cars.
Look at that face!

So many of these cars have been modified and hot-rodded.
Its nice to see something totally stock and proper.

This car has the correct wire style wiper arms, it has a center mount antenna as well.
Antennas were all dealer installed, this car is fitted with a rare Telefunken radio
so I do believe this was the original mounting spot for the antenna.

The chrome door handles are in great shape, doors open and close well.

Door glass has the correct notch at the top corner for ventilation.
In March of 53 this all changed and the opening vent wing was introduced.

Also in October of 52, there was a change to the wheels and tires...
this being a July production car, it has the correct 16" wheelswrapped with proper bias ply rubber . 

Standard models got the simple 3 spoke steering wheel, while deuxe models got something more flashy.
Black knobs and controls are correct for a standard, versus ivory for the deluxe.

The seats in this car were redone in the proper stitch patterns with a synthetic material
that is very close to the original German striped fabric.
The one big benefit of the synthetic is that it is far more stain resistant than
the original wool material, and it feels a lot nicer on the legs when you are driving with shorts!

The car has been fitted with the correct German wool square weave carpets and tan color mats.
The pedal pads are the correct large logo pads, the shifter is the correct unit with the dimpled knob
Heater and choke cables and knobs are proper early split units.

Grooved door handles and escutcheons are correct.

Headliner is very clean and smooth.

The standard model received headlining material just across the roof panel itself,
while the deluxe had material covering the window posts and door frames.

Seat material is holding up well.

The tan mats in the rear as well.
All very clean

Heater handle is the proper "T" shape.

Dimpled shift knob with cog wheel logo.

This Telefunken radio is a very special and desirable accessory.
This one done in black for the standard model is even more special.
This radio was re-worked just last year by a specialist in Canada at a cost of nearly $700.
Receipts and operating instructions are included.

The speedometer and dash pod are in nice shape...the car also has the center round ashtray.

Three spoke wheel is in nice condition.

Semaphore turn signals are fully functional.

The interior looks quite nice and the color combination is quite pleasing.

Glove boxes are originals and are still lined with the original German cloth.
A period Clymer owners manual is included.

I love love love this radio! So cool.
I must admit that I have not tested it... (but I will)

One item of note is that the reserve lever for the fuel and the "ZAR" tag are not present in this car>
Not a difficult bit to find, the tag is reproduced these days.
Its a small item but I had to point it out.

Still 6 volt electric

The engine room looks good, engine is clean and runs fantastic.
Paint finish on the fire wall and side panels is not perfect, but not offensive.

The engine itself is very clean and looks very correct for the year, but underneath it all is
an increase in horsepower of 11hp over the stock 25 horse.
The block is a 36 horse from a later 50's Beetle according to the serial number
but all the 25 hp trimmings have been fitted to keep it all looking right.

The T air cleaner, seamed fan shroud, "D" regulator, big nut generator with thin flange pulley,
The oil filler with the release tab, flat top distributor,...all of this is 25 horse correct.
The only thing missing is the coil with the "star" pressing on the top.

T aircleaner

Flat cap distributor

Engine number dates to the 50's, but is that of a 36 hp block, not a 25 hp.

Rear apron is a proper "H" pattern

Single tip exhaust

VW logo mud flaps

The chassis and fenderwells have been recently undercoated for a fresh appearance
Fender mounting bolts were removed and kept clean.

Under the front hood is clean and well sorted.

The radio power supply is mounted behind the spare wheel.
As with the engine room, the paint finish in the spare tire well is not perfect as you can see in this image.

Matching spare wheel and tire

Nice clean hood latch mechanism, with bright cad plate
(although technically I believe it should be black in 1952)

Headlights and lenses are excellent

Bosch horn behind the bumper

Large cap flat fuel tank is proper.
Im 53 the style changed and the opening became smaller.

Back side of the dash and radio.
I love the wrapped speaker.

Trunk liner is the proper stapled design.

The hood lacks the triangle shaped support in the center that would be correct for 52, but it is a flat center hood.

Nice binder full of information, photos and receipts accompany the car

A copy of the magazine article is included

Feb 2002 is the date of the article

The car was filmed by Car and Driver "Classics Edition" for an episode of the show.

to watch the video!

Photos of the restoration are also included.

Here is the "radio doctor" servicing the Telefunken

More restoration shots

The underside of the car is clean and solid, not detailed for show, but quite presentable with a recent professional undercoat


Lights are all working

Very pretty car.

In closing this is a good car.
Clean and well done, not "over the top" perfect, but built to be driven and enjoyed.

$49,500 obo

For More Info...CALL
951 767 1600
or email oldbug@earthlink.net