1956 VW Beetle Sedan For Sale

The term "restoration" gets flung around pretty easily in the world of old cars.
What I have found though is that everybody has a different level of expectation
when it comes to just what that means. There are as many different approaches and levels of restoration
as there are people on our planet. Each one is a bit unique and some are far better than others.

This car has a really interesting history when it comes to its restoration.
It was bought in 1964 with 44k miles on the odometer,  by a gentleman that kept it for the next 49 years.
During his ownership the car was parked and the gentleman started the restoration.
He spent the time to collect original NOS original German parts and accessories for it
and was truly fanatical about the work. So much so that it took him many years to
get everything just the way he wanted it. He obsessed about it, perhaps a little too much
and in 2013 he gave up on the project and it was sold.
An article in Hemmings Motor News shared the story and a new caretaker was found.

The restoration at the time was getting very close to completion, so the new owner went after it with
the same eye for detail and did everything he could to make the car the best it could be.

The car was an absolutely rock solid example prior to the restoration according to the seller
and it shows no signs of any rust or rust repairs. No signs of accident damage either and the sheet metal
is all original or replaced with NOS German stuff.

The Coral red paint color is original to the car and the paint quality is superb.
Panel fit and overall finish are truly fantastic.

The car is very stock and proper in its appearance but there have been
subtle and tasteful upgrades and period accessories added to the car that make it
far more than just a normal Beetle

The brakes on the car have been upgraded to disc up front and larger diameter
drum brakes in the rear from a Porsche 356. The transmission has also been upgraded to
a fully synchromesh gearbox from a 60's era Beetle that provides much better gearing
for today's fast paced traffic as well as much smoother shifting between gears.
The engine too has been upgraded with period performance dual carbs and such that boost the factory
36 horse engine up quite a bit.  This is no "hot rod", but it is a truly fantastic and enjoyable driver.

The best part is that you have it all wrapped in a perfect stock classic package.
This car looks showroom fresh and is ready for the show field.
Very high quality throughout.

The 36 horse engine with the added "Okrasa kit" gives the
little engine a very noticeable boost in HP without getting crazy.
My experience with these is that the power "feels" much more in line with that of a 1600
which is roughly about 50hp.  I dont know if that is an accurate guess, but that was my
"seat of the pants" review after driving a stock 36 and then one with the Okrasa upgrades.

I love the proper vintage look of this car though and loaded up with some very nice accessories
such as the mudflaps, jack plugs and gravel guards.