This gorgeous Indigo Blue Beetle Sedan is located in the state of Georgia
in the hands of an enthusiast there that has owned it for about the past 5 years.
The car is very cleanly restored inside and out, even the underside is excellent, but best of all
in my book is that it is a numbers matching car with the birth certificate which is a rarity these days.
It was delivered originally on Jan 12th 1960 to the Raffay VW Dealership in Hamburg Germany.

Raffay is a historic VW dealer in Germany as they have been around since the very beginning of VW
and they are still in business today! Check out this image above of this extremely early Beetle
with the nipple hubcaps and banana bmper guards, etc... definitely 40's era stuff!

How this humber Beetle made its way from Hamburg to Georgia is unknown but the chances
are pretty good that it either came over as a grey market import through an independant firm
or perhaps with a US serviceman or the like.  Being a European Delivery car originally, it
has the Euro car features such as the semaphore turn signals, smooth blade bumpers with short guards, etc.

Obviously there have been some very minor changes made to the car such as the aluminum wheels and
the addition of the US spec turn signals on the fenders, but the body remains un-altered and it has been
restored in the original 1960 color of Indigo blue that it had when it rolled off the assembly line in Wolfsburg

The quality of the work seems very nice in the photos here and what is neat about the car is it is
something that can be enjoyed as is, or could easily be transformed into a stock restoration
with very little effort.  With the great history and the numbers matching status of the engine, body and chassis
I picture this car being just as stunning with a set of stock wheels and hubcaps and maybe some wide whitewalls.

The Indigo blue color is a great one and it was very short lived in the Beetle range.
In fact it was only offered in 1960!

The window rubber installed in the car currently is the "Cal Look" style without the trim.
The owner pointed out that really one of the only flaws in the car is that the rubber has started to crack at the edge
but he has a full set of new original style window rubber with the trim in the box and ready to go on the car.
This is included with the sale.

The body, chassis and engine numbers are original and the birth certificate and letter from Wolfsburg
spell it all out.  The car was delivered in Jan 1960.

The engine number is belived to be correct and checking the numbers seems right being a late 59 sequence.
It is the stock 36 hp, still 6 volt, etc, and it runs superb.

The underside of the car is impressive...this is no normal daily driver!

Nice and smooth bodywork and paint and the chrome all shines bright.

Stock suspension height, nothing goofy there.

Like many European delivery cars that somehow made it to the states,
the US spec style turn signals, headlights and overriders were installed at some point.
You can see the rubber caps over the overrider support holes in the apron
but the smooth blade and short guards would be correct for a Euro car.
The accessory bumper trim in the center is a reproduction of an accessory sold
by Empi and other distributors in the US in the 60's.  Made of a stiff spring steel
it allows for a little "nudge" without dinging the thin bumper guards.

Very nice fit and finish to the body panels on the car...hood shut line looks excellent.

Nice reflection down the sides

Rear bumper has the matching accessory guard across the center as well as some great accessory lights
mounted above.  Taillights are the correct glas lense units for 1960.

A very cute and happy Beetle...looks proud and ready to serve!

Beep beep!

The interior is all very cleanly done and features two tone door panels with matching seats.
The passenger seat is fitted with a rare recliner accessory.
Note the nice clear image here of the semaphore signal in the window post.

The dash is clean and uncut with all the proper bits in place including the original radio,
steering wheel with horn ring and the proper dash grilles. No fuel gauge in 1960
but a fuel reserve lever in the front footwell over the tunnel.

Interior is excellent and is very attractive. Headliner too looks to be very well fit, clean and tight.


Very clean car inside and out

Clean in the door jams

Nice clear needle speedometer, odometer reads 73k miles

Dark nylon loop carpets re in nice shape.

Here is a good back end shot showing that fire breathing 36 horsepower powerplant!
Looks very clean in here and with the correct bits in place.
Rear apron is the proper "H"pattern, etc.


Under the front hood looke nice

Original jack still in its holder

In closing this looks to be a very nice car.
The restoration has gone beyond the level of the majority of cars you see out there in the world and
the documented history is a great addition as well.

$14,750 obo

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