This sweet 1969 Beetle Sedan is a very clean and all stock example with the quite uncommon
Auto-Stick transmission!
The car is an excellent runner and driver that is located in North Carolina.

What I love most about this car is that it looks so darn stock and un-messed with.
It is increasingly difficult to find one of these era cars that has not been
buggered up with aftermarket parts or goofy customizations.

This car is really "pure".
Other than one respray over the original finish, it is extremely stock and original.

Great looking car and in a very classic beige for the era.
This is the image of a Beetle that is so clear in peoples minds, because everyone has seen one just like it
at some point in their lives.

The car looks super solid and unmolested underneath.
The only area of the floorpan that has ever had any work done to it is directly under the battery
the rest looks amazingly solid and original.

The engine is nice and clean underneath and it is not a heavy leaker.
Exhaust looks recent and very clean.

The car has the "Automatic Stickshift" transmission which is dreamy for those that
dont like the clutch pedal. These care are easy to drive for all levels of enthusiasts.
The car has the proper badge on the rear decklid as well, which is very cool to see.

Looks quite clean in the gas door area

Matching spare wheel and tire and a clean trunk.

Lights are bright and functional

I think they only used this emblem for a few years on the Auto Stick cars.

Tags and numbers are all in place and the title is clean and clear.

There is a great stack of historical paperwork on this car with receipts dating back
until the car was darn near fresh off the showroom floor.

Some new parts come with the car such as window garnish moldings,
rubber, a mirror and a new headliner!

Check out that receipt pile!!
Some good reading there.
The car has obviously received a lifetime of proper care.

The stock engine runs like a top and is very very clean.
The owner states that the car has just over 100,000 miles on it but that the engine has been rebuilt.
He didnt have the exact mileage on the engine, but the details may be in the volumes of receipts.

The interior of the car is all original except for the carpets.
Totally stock and untouched.

Even the seat uphostery is reportedly original!!

I love the brown interior against the beige paint.
This is very proper period stuff.

Dash is very clean and unmodified, original radio is fitted, no changes are details messed with.

The carpet looks excellent and must have been replaced recently.

Here is a beauty shot!  What a great car!

The car really looks fantastic from this distance away.
Up close you can see that the respray was a quickie job done many years ago.
It has its minor flaws but overall as you can see here, it really is a good looking machine.

Factory undercoating remains under most of the car.
There is a little scuff on the drivers side corner of the pan, but it is very solid.

The battery section had rusted right under the battery, which is very common.
This has been repaired very solidly with sheet metal, but it was not the original style repair panel.
It is solid and sound and is holding strong, it does not need replacement
but for those that would want the proper stampings in the metal, etc...this could always be redone
so it looks perfect. Replacement panels are readily available and are quite inexpensive.

The rest of the chassis looks super dry and solid.

Heater channels look great, fenderwells look solid.

Nice under the engine shot

Looks like recent ball joints and brake lines

Super solid

The undercoating is starting to dry and flake off as it does over time, here it is revealig a really nice looking original paint finish.

Solid under the spare tire and apron

Battery area repair is holding very firm and shows no signs of weakness

There is a little dime sized rust bubble here in the bottom edge of the driver's door.
That is the only exterior rust on the car.


There are a couple spots in the corners where the paint has lifted a bit.
Poor prep for the respray so many years ago.

Steering wheel is in nice original shape

Original radio in the dash,
Some small cracks in the dash pad.

Glove box looks clean (cash not included)

Door jams look super clean and solid.

Original seat upholstery!
Looks great too

A couple sun cracks in the pad

There is a little dry spot from the sun on the drivers side seat back closest to the window.

Rear seat looks to have never been used.

The headliner is showing its age and is getting crispy in the corners and it looks like it was repaired
behind the side glass at some point.

There is a brand new headliner kit in a box that comes with the car if you wanted to replace this
but as it is , it is original and in fairly decent shape.

Original material back here in the luggage well

Overall the headliner looks OK, just a little yellowed from time and a few expected flaws

Pop out quarter windows are a nice option.

Wiring is all original and intact

Looks like a new trunk liner is in place.
Nice to see the original tool roll and manuals are here as well.

I love seeing the matching spare and the washer bottle with the correct little plastic pins in place.
These little details are so aften gone over the years.

Sold new in Charlotte NC.
Love that tool roll!

Hood seal is getting a little stiff and cracked with age, but it still holding.

Overall that interior looks good!

If this truly is the original seat upholstery, wheich it is believed to looks fanastic!!
The correct little buttons are in place on the seat backs and they sure fit nice!

Glass is excellent

This is a great Beetle.
I really like its honesty and originality.
Its not a perfect show car, but it is a very well preserved original that shows a long life of proper care.
Great driver or weekend toy.  This is one to grab and hold. They dont come around like this often!


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