1971 VW Type 3 Squareback For Sale

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This is a very solid original California Squareback that just needs a little effort to make it quite the nice little driver.
The car runs and drives and is currently registered with a clean title.
It has not seen much use recently, and it is a bit dirty from sitting.
A good bath and a detail will do wonders on this one!

The one thing I noticed right away is that it sits a little crooked.
Up high in the passenger side rear and/or a little low in the drivers side front.
Looking around I see no signs of damage or anything, so it may just be a shock issue
but I am not 100% certain. Here is a photo of the driver's side rear..

And a shot of the passenger side rear...looking at the snubber and the distance to the stop above it,
you can see that this side is a bit higher...

Passenger side rear from the outside.

Passenger side front.

Drivers side front

drivers side rear.

There are a few paint issues like this broken bubble flake on the rear deck lid under the license plate.
This is probably the worst spot on the car.

Some minor chrome pitting on the roof rack mounts.

A couple very small paint blisters on the passenger side rear post.

Hood gap looks a little wide on the passenger side.

Bumpers are in reasonable condition...

Over all it has a pretty decent look to it!
Get it settle right, maybe some trim rings on the wheels and give it a buff...it will look massively better!

I apologize for the dark photos...the night was falling fast...so I did the best I could!

The interior appears to be all original.
The carpet is falling a little on the kick panels...nothing a little glue wont fix.

Headliner has a couple poke holes but nothing major.

Carpet is peeling off on the rear seat stand...again an easy fix.

Rear seat in pretty nice shape.

Front seat on the drivers side has some damage just forward of the seat release.

Production date sticker still in the door jam

San Onofre Surfing Club sticker in the back window...pretty cool.

Body overall is really quite straight and the chassis and everything are very solid.

Quite straight down the sides...looks to have had one respray on the exterior only in the orignal color.

Under the front hood is all original and un-touched.

Jack and tool roll are still in the spare tire well.

This will all polish up quite nicely!

Under the hood.

Original trunk liner has survived the test of time well!

Door panel has a saggy pocket, but otherwise in nice shape.

Horn ring on the steering wheel is broken...pretty common.

Chassis is very solid!! No signs of any noteable rust or repairs.

Rockers look clean.

Underside of the engine is really pretty clean.

Blue California plates...on the car since at least 73 based on the sticker!

The fuel injection system has been replaced with a single carburator.
This is a nice reliable way to go and much easier to service than the standard set up.
The owner states that it rums well...I was unable to confirm this personally
during inspection, but I have little reason to doubt it.

One kinda biggish hole in the headliner...might be able to patch it if you wanted to keep the original stuff in place.

With the addition of the single carb, the clearance over the engine lid must be extended.
In this case a carpeted box was created to cover the carb and filter.

A couple of light cracks in the steering wheel...but not too bad.

Dash pad has a crack or two as well.

Seat upholstery needs a good scrubbing...

The original roof rack is a slick little item...classic "station wagon" style.

Glass is all good and it looks like the front window seal has been replaced.

In closing this looks like a great basis for someone to start from.
Really solid and straight, wonderfully complete and with a little effort it will be quite respectable.

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