1984 Porsche 944 For Sale

The Porsche 944 has long been the underdog in the Porsche line up, but with similar era 911's
climbing well into the stratosphere, the 944 has definitely come into view for those that love the brand
but don't want to mortgage the house to have a play toy in the garage.

While the performance of the 944 will never match the 911, it still was a Porsche and was designed for
a sporting driving experience.  Slipping in the cockpit of one of these cars today takes you straight back to the 80's
and when the traffic clears and the two lane twisty roads are open ahead of you, the 944 will still put a smile on your face.

The 944 was of course the next generation of the 924 that was introduced in the 1970's.
The difference between the two models is significant both in style and performance.

The bulging fenders of the 944 cover much wider wheels and improved suspension.
The "cookie cutter" Fuchs wheels were carried over from the 911.

The clean smooth lines and design of the 944 are aging very well among the automotive scene,
this is a very attractive body style.

There were a lot of sharp edges in 80's car design, but the 944 retained a softness to it.
I think it is because of this that it look so nice today.

And of course...its a Porsche, so along with that crest comes all the heritage and fun of the scene.

This particular example is an extremely well preserved original with low miles and a well documented history.

Its lifetime of care is quite obvious as you look at the details in these images.

The materials and finishes of the 1980's were not know to be the best when it comes to longevity.
Only the pampered examples have survived the test of time.

Definitely a garaged and pampered life behind this car.

The car is a three owner car since new.  First owner from Missouri kept the car 16 years and drove it less than 13,000 miles
during his ownership. The second owners were a careful couple in Nashville TN that
always garaged this beauty and treated it with care. They kept the car for 17 years and the mileage rose to 53,000 miles.
The current owner is a California based collector that has a very keen eye for well preserved original cars.
When he saw this example he knew it was the one for him.

The car is fitted with some VERY desirable options according to the option code tag in the trunk

Sport Seats in leather
Locking differential
Sports shocks and stabilizers
Automatic speed control
Detachable roof panel, electrically operated
Rear window wiper
Side protection moldings
Blaupunkt Monterey radio

The car has traveled just over 53,000 careful miles since new and the extensive maintenance records
document this.  In current ownership the car has received a full service including a new timing belt,
all fluids, belts and a full bumper to bumper check up to the tune of a couple thousand dollars.
It is a turn-key, ready to drive and enjoy car, not something fresh out of long term storage that will need the works.

The car has the very desirable manual transmission.
It seems the stick cars always got driven a bit harder, so now nearly 35 years later...finding a
well preserved, all original and un-restored example with the 5 speed is not an easy task.