1962 VW Beetle For Sale

This Beetle that I am about to reveal to you here, is one of the most spectacular all original examples
that we have ever had listed on the site. As you look at these photos and details...keep in mind that everything
is original on this car...it has not been restored in any way.

This is a very exciting find.

Sold new on Tuesday Feb 13th 1962 to a Mrs Agnes Pyle,
who at the ripe age of 80, decided she would treat herself to a brand new car.

She must have given the purchase quite some thought...her first choice for color was the
most demure of the color palette...Pearl White...but as fate would dictate...she got her second choice,
Beryl Green, ( which I must say is a benefit to all of us here...it is a GORGEOUS color! )

Picture 80 year old Agnes, who was quite petite, under 5ft tall...being handed this key
and driving off the Lawrence Volkswagen lot in Maryland to bring her new baby home
to her Delaware garage on that random Tuesday in Feb 1962.

The original dealer sticker on the back.  So cool!

Our girl Agnes did not put a lot of miles on her baby.
In fact, between that first drive off the lot, and her passing in 1975 at the age of 93,
she only put 8,600 miles on the car.  Since 1975, it has had another 1,200 put on it
bringing the total up to just 9,800 miles.

This is actual, documented mileage on the car since new.

Speedometer cable still sealed with the factory seal.

The miraculously low mileage is one thing...but the condition of the car is another.
Agnes kept the car inside and out of the elements, as have the two owners since.
What you see here is ALL original, and it is gorgeous.

The car remains in nearly showroom condition,  some 53 years later.

Simply stunning

Interior, exterior, all of it...just as it was when it rolled off the lot.
It as if time has stood still.

The car is fully operational by the way, and it runs and drives like a brand new car.
Brakes have been fully serviced, all safety related parts addressed.
You could hop in this car and drive it anywhere.

The interior is preserved to a truly amazing level.

Look at that drivers seat...just look.
I repeat again...this is NOT restored in any way...this is ALL original.


Look at the cleanliness of this, and also take note of the colors and materials.
An all original car like this is something to study closely.
Even the best restorers in the world can not replicate all of this to perfection.
The materials and parts are just not available...you can get close...but there is nothing that matches the factory stuff exactly.
This is one of the main reasons that collectors in recent years have put serious focus into finding truly all original vehicles.
These "survivor" cars are the pinnacle...you can not get better than this.

Steering wheel shows no wear

The green tinted rubber mats are pure unobtanium these days...and take a look at
the condition of the carpet and the paint on the controls...

Matching handbrake boot is another detail that is completely unavailable in the world today...

Door panels and handles...perfect...and again,
the reproduction parts out there do not have the same grain and feel to the originals.  

Fantastic colors...

Agnes never went for the optional radio...

No rust on this gem...even the underside of the doors are as clean as can be.

The interior is superb.

Detail shots like this just slay me... amazing!

The headliner too is all original and untouched.


Normally the carpet shows wear on the drivers side on nearly every car out there.
With Agnes's tiny feet for 8600 of the 9800 miles on the car...the lack of wear says it all.

I love the mileage counter on the dash...her family went on and on about how finicky she was.
When she would start the car she would always let it warm up completely before driving, and when she would
pull into the garage and park it, she would always open up the engine lid so the engine would cool down faster.
If anyone else would drive the car, they would get the lecture on doing the same!

The rubber and soft trim bits on this car are amazing.
The east coast of the US, while hard on metal...is soft on rubber.
If this were a west coast car its whole life...it would have aged much more harshly.

Original inspection tag under the back seat

Battery is recent...still 6 volts as original of course.

Under the battery is as solid as they come.

Chassis number

Dealer applied undercoating did its job well and the car remains completely solid and rust free.

Underside of the engine is extremely clean...original VW logo muffler in place,
These areas have not been "touched up"...this is all left completely as it was.
No attempt to restore any finish has been made, which is very refreshing.
If you are going to call a car "all original"...it should be!

Lots of details to learn when looking at an original car...shock color in this image is one to remember.

The engine is of course, the original numbers matching unit.
I do not believe it has ever been out of the car.

Generator pulley still shows a ghost image of the part number markings on the face

Number matches all paperwork

Original VW fan belt

The carb tag still in place.

Nothing restored in here again...the paint finish on the tins, this is all original.

ALL the orignal parts are present...untouched, and super clean.

Under the front hood as well, the cleanliness and amazing state of preservation is obvious.

Chrome is all original by the way..

This car has all 5 of it's original wheels and tires!!
Yes...that is correct...even the tires are original!!


Even under the gas cap is clean...

And peek inside the tank... absolutely incredible.

Love the details like this...

Wiring of course is superb and totally untouched.

Never a speaker, radio, or antenna installed.

Number matches the chassis

Clean current title and registration matches everything as well.

53 year old window rubber that still looks this nice... wow!

Superb body

Door gaps and all body panel fit is excellent .

Even in the gaps it is super clean and all original

The car now has two sets of wheels and tires.
The fanatical current owner decided that he did not want to risk driving in Los Angeles
on the original 53 year old rubber, so he sourced a second set of wheels and hubcaps,
painted them the exact colors  (after confirming formulas for the correct "OLIV" and "OPELWEISS" with a rep from Glasurit)
as the original and mounted a brand new set of period correct Firestone tires.
The car has traveled less than 50 miles on these tires.


The original tires, wheels, and hubcaps have been wrapped and stored for protection.
The rubber is in great shape, and the tread of course only has 9800 miles on them... for me,
I would put these right back on for all shows and for display...but having the new replacements
takes the fear factor out if you actually plan to drive the car.

Note the red marking on the headlight bulb...it says 6V...both bulbs have this.

Superb finish

The one accessory that Agnes insisted on, was the installation of additional bumper supports.
These are hidden behind the bumper on the front and back and were installed by the dealer before delivery.

The dealer even used German Kamax hardware to install these bars.
Agnes wanted to keep her baby safe.

She also was quick to attend to any flaw in the finish.
These marks from opening the door in her small garage were quickly touched up by her hands.

The only untouched body flaw is a crack in the paint along the very edge of the drivers side rear fender.

All original paint finish...and so gorgeous.

This is perfection.

Excellent year...the absolute dream color combination,
an amazing history, and phenomenal level of preservation.

This car simply blows my mind.

A very rare opportunity to buy a true survivor in every sense of the word.
This car will impress all who see it. At a recent event at the Petersen Automotive Museum
in Los Angeles, it received the "Perfection Award".
That pretty much sums it up for me.

You just can not get better than an all original "virgin" like this.

She is up for bids... NO RESERVE.
The high bid takes it regardless of price.

Will she end up in your garage?

For More info...CALL
951 767 1600
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