1973 Super Beetle Convertible For Sale

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This bright yellow 73 Convertible is much more than it first appears.
The car was completely restored, body off, in 2004. It has been driven only about 2000 miles
since the completion of the restoration.  It has been shown at AACA meets where it
has placed very highly and has been awarded senior status. 
So...in short...this is one NICE convertible!

1973 was the first year for the curved windscreen and full dash.
From this point forward, all Beetle convertibles had this body style.

A lot of people see this Karmann body badge and assume that it means the car is some sort of special edition.
This is not the case...ALL Beetle convertibles were built at the Karmann factory and feature this badge.
(except of course some of the very very early models or coachbuilts)

1973 was also the first year for the large round taillights that continued in use until the end of production.

This car in bright yellow and black top and interior is a classic combination that perfectly
captures the 70's era. And this car, being restored so well, makes it a perfect specimen for  a museum display
or any collection.

The fit and finish seems very nice on this car and I applaud the attention to detail.
It also features a number of fairly uncommon accessories that make it even more attractive.

Its a sweet car and the color just has to bring a smile.

The owner has two sets of wheels and tires for the car.
The stock silver rims here are for showing as they are wrapped in the proper period correct bias ply
rubber that would have been on the car on the showroom floor.
The other set is a color matches set of stock wheels wrapped in modern radials that offer much better handling and ride.

Here it is with the color matched wheels and radials installed.

I prefer the silver wheels myself...but that's just me...

The top is done in a black canvas, and is in very nice condition.
I believe originally it would have had a vinyl top.

Inside there are some nice features such as this FM radio converter in the glove box.
This allows the stock radio to play FM channels.
While not a dealer-installed item, it is a period correct addition that was available back in the day.

The original owners manual is present and in very nice condition.

The accessory center console is another nice little add on.
The car currently has a Empi shifter installed...but the original is included.

Seat upholstery is excellent and the release knobs on the sides of the seats are well fitted.
(its amazing how often people muck up this part of a seat cover install)

Door jams are very clean and all weatherstripping and body seals are as new.

Here is another shot of the radial tires on the color matched wheels.

Factory seatbelts are present.

Accessory rain deflector on the  rear lid is easily removeable if desired.
The car is now located in Indiana and has a clear Indiana title.
The current owner bought the car from a fellow in Florida earlier this year...dumped another $5000 into it with
a new engine and a whole bunch of other goodies...

Above is a current shot of it with the Indiana tags and the rain deflector removed.

Correct German Hella taillight lenses!

These are SO much micer than the aftermarket parts!

Original horsehair padding under the seats.

Chassis of this car is super clean and ready for show.

Dash pad is excellent, original radio still in place, nice accessory flower vase.
The owner has the stock shift knob for the car (easy swap).
One of the coolest accessories on this car (literally) is the dealer installed
air conditioning system, which is fully functional!!!
The two knobs in the center of the dash down low are the ones that operate the system.

Steering wheel looks excellent as well.
I see an accessory dash clock in place here as well which is an uncommon thing to see on a 73 model.

The car was painted nicely underneath everything as well.
Other than a scant bit of road dust...she is very clean below!

The accessory trailer hitch is another dealer installed item that is a rare find these days.

Underneath the car is very clean.
Now keep in mind that this image shows the bottom of the "old" engine.
A fresh turn-key 1600 was installed about 500 miles ago and is much cleaner beneath.
In addition the exhaust on the car is new and is a glass-pack style unit with fatter tips that exit the stock holes in the body.
This is not a trailer queen...it is a car that can be driven.

Paint looks nice under the engine lid.

Pretty rare to see someone go to this level of restoration on an early 70's Beetle!
This sort of work takes a lot of patience or a lot of money to do!

Apron grille area is very straight and clean.
Just past the apron you can catch a glimpse of the fan that is a part of the A/C system.

Paint looks super nice...also nice to see all the proper body trim in place.

Engine is fresh and super clean!

This photo shows the previous engine in the car and the air conditioning compressor that was installed as well.
This is currently not on the car as you can see in the previous photo, but it is included and the plumbing is still in place
so it could be re-installed by a half decent mechanic...

Spare tire well is very solid and straight.

Trans is dry and clean.

Seat upholstery is excellent...carpets are very nice.

This is a part of the A/C system tucked under the front hood.

Body tags.

Visors are excellent.

Getting super picky now (just for the sake of it...here is a minor paint flaw)

Chassis looks great!

This photo shows the stock shifter in place...right now a new Empi shifter is in the car but the stock one is included in the sale.

Very clean under the back seat.

Another shot from below that shows the A/C intake fan.

VW logo tool roll is in the trunk...very clean in here.

Headliner is excellent.

Glass is all good...rubber too.

Original jack in the holder.

AACA Senior badge
This is a national level first prize.

Latches are all clean...no overspray or "gunkies"

Matching radial spare.

Full set of 5 wheels and tires with the proper era tread pattern
(these still have the little nubblies on em!)

Top boot included.

Small bit of tarboard insulation under the hoos, as original.

Even tidy under the fule filler door

In closing this sure looks like a pretty impressive car.
Well done, well cared for, and owned and built by a detail oriented enthusiast that has put
a lot of time and effort into getting it done right. A labor of love like this does not come cheap
if you were to pay someone to do all the work!  Why even bother when you can buy one that is done like this one for only...

For All Current Lisitings

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