1963 VW 23 Window Deluxe Microbus For Sale

Here you go...what I have been asked for more than any other model VW over the past year...a sunroof deluxe Microbus
and at a price that is not stratospheric.
These sunroof model Busses have been going insane for quite a while now...demand is high and supply is low
and that always results in a rise in value. With top level restored examples getting into the 6 figure range
it is refreshing to see one come up that is a clean and solid driver level example for a reasonable price.

This one is located in Utah. It is in good running condition and it looks quite nice as well
but it does have it's little flaws here and there that keep it from beng a show car.

You can see there are some chips in the paint in spots like these on the rear corner..

But really overall it is still very attractive and remains really quite stock and un-altered
which is another rarity in the scene today...so many have been lowered and customised,

1963 was the final year for the 23 window model...in 64 the rear end changed and the corner windows went away to make
room for the new wider rear hatch...and as a result the 64-67 model Deluxe Sunroof Busses are 21 windows,

This Bus has an older restoration. It looks like it was very solid underneath which is reall important
but things like the interior materials are not 100% "correct" for the 63 model
but they remain in nice condition.

The floors in the Bus look very solid under the mats...I think this is perhaps one of the most common spots
for rust and repair in these models and this one looks great.

The original clock is in the dash...in fact it has really all the important bits that make a "Deluxe" what it is.

Fuel door.

There is a little paint damage on the roof but the metal seems solid...this could be touched up pretty easy I would think.

Mudflaps on the back

Belly pans look very solid underneath

Fender well shot

Even behind the front wheel it looks quite solid.


Front has the proper panel over the controls

Looks really quite solid.

It has the Safri front windows and the aluminum beltline trim.

A wood slat roof rack is included with the sale,

Headliner shows some discoloration from age.

Door panels are in a tasteful grey vinyl, but not it the correct pattern for 63.

The Safari windows are awesome!

Full flaps open!

Another headliner shot

You can see in this photo the panel for the inside of the rear hatch is missing
The jailbars on the rear windows are complete...no luggage rail on the rear seat or handle on the top of the center seat.

Rear area is trimmed out with a wood board with carpet glued on top.
Just swapping this out for the original style rubber mat will make a big difference out back.

Bolkhead wall is upholstered a bit oddly...but it is clean.
I think if the buyer took this Bus and had the interior redone in the correct colors and materials...it would be a massive improvement,
What is in here is fully functional and totally clean and cool, but it is not the "proper" stuff which is one of the reasons the
price is so reasonable for the Bus as it is.

Steering wheel is nice...but has a couple of hairline cracks on the spokes.

Radio hole has been trimmed out wider than stock. Installing a radio or one of the factory block off
plates will take care of this small detail easily.

I also notice that the aluminum trims that normally go on the rocker panels are not here.
This fortunately is a very easy item to locate these days as reproductions
are now available that are of very nice quality...buy a pair and screw em right on!

Body looks nice and straight on this Bus in the photos.

The engine is a mild upgrade with dual carbs and 12 volt electrics. It is a good runner and driver
according to the owner.

You can see the original jack in there on the floor and possibly the luggage rail for the back seat as well.

The safari window hardware looks good.

Shifter is an aftermarket unit with the "trigger" style reverse locklout.

Step on in and drive it!
The one big benefit of a Bus like this is that you can use it and not freak out about it.
If the kids put their feet on the seats or the dog wants to come along...no worries!
If you had one of these that was restored "perfect", it would be double the money and you would be afraid of it!

I get good vibes from this one...clean enough to get the compliments and smiles
and you could totally leave it just as it is and be proud of it.
Improve upon it a little here and there over time when you feel the desire...everything you would do to bring it
closer to original would increase the value...and with the market as strong as it is for these machines...it will be a
wise investment no matter what.

Priced reasonably at

$65,000 obo

For More Info...CALL
or email oldbug@earthlink.net

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