1966 VW 21 Window Deluxe Microbus For Sale

This Southern California based 21 window is one beautiful Bus!
It is a 1966 model and it is finished in the true "color of the Gods" Velvet Green.
Ok...maybe that is going a little far with it...but it absolutely is one of my very favorites.

It is a very well done restoration on a genuine original German sunroof deluxe, not a clone.
The fit and finish is very nice indeed and it has all the right little details in place
when it comes to the trimmings and shiny bits.

Very nice panel fit is evident in this photo and a nice clean and clear reflection in the paintwork.

This is the mega desirable "walk through" seating configuration.
Or a "7 passenger" if you are counting.
The interior is done in platinum mesh in the correct stitch patterns and finishes.
The restorer chose to go with carpet rather than the factory rubber mats, which is a very comfortable upgrade.
The original rubber mats are readily available through the VW parts vendors if you wanted to go that route.
The seats are the correct seats and have the proper grab handles fitted.

The walk through front bulkhead is a highly prized option!
All thee proper armrests, ashtrays and grab handles are where they should be.
Condition of the interior is excellent.

The rear luggage rain on top of the seat is present as well as the "jail bars" on the rear and side windows
in the luggage area.  The headliner is cleanly installed and the sunroof opens and closes properly.
New hinge covers in the back corners trim everything off nicely.
The spare tire remains uncovered but is cleanly restored and fitted with a hubcap for a very finished look.

Well done and pretty.
I spy modern seat belts installed up front for safety.

Up front the dash looks stellar with a nice early Bendix radio fitted and the proper chrome ashtray and clock that only the Deluxe models had.
Steering wheel looks awesome and the correct Deluxe horn push caps it off.