1963 VW Caravelle Camper For Sale

Ok...this is another mindblowing Bus...get ready for a ton of images to ponder.
Whenever I come across an all original unrestored survivor like this I absolutley love
to take the time and photograph the vehicle in detail and post it all up.
It certainly helps with the sale but it also helps with educating people out there in the scene
with what is truly correct and original.  It seems that once a car has been restored, there is always
something that gets lost in the translation.  I think this is why the all original cars
these days of all brands are going nuts in the collector car scene.
Like a precious stone...the more pure it is...the more valuable it is!

This impressive Bus has just 25k original miles and is an amazing survivor.
Original paint, interiorm engine and everything. The only thing ever done to it has been the repaint of the bumpers
and basic mantenance items like tires, hoses, battery, etc.

Inside and out this Bus is an absolute time warp!

As I progress here I will step back a bit on the comments
as the photos truly tell the story... sit back and look through all 100+ images and soak it all up.

Yup... thats the original miles!

Hard to catch in the photos...but the flooring has little metalflake sparkles in it.

Original portable toilet still in the box.

The Caravelle camper is a rare one...not often you come across one.
This original brochure comes with the sale as does all the amazing documentation.

The original side tent is included in the sale and appears to have never been set up!

This camper was the runner up in a contest to find the very best original early VW camper in the US
back in the 80's to be added to the amazing Henry Ford Museum.

Here is the Bus that beat it...those damn Westy boys always get the spotlight!

Great paper trail on this bus...

Plates from its stay in Montana

Spent some time in Oregon as well, then California and now Arizona

Small flaw on the panel on the cargo door

Repop sticker...but super cool

Original feather pilow!

Tent poles

This is the worst spot on the interior...the top of the rear cushion has blown out.

Such a shame...but with the nice crochet blanket over the top it all looks sweet.
The original owner made the blanket too from what I was told.

Original tent looks to have never been set up

Vintage camp stove and original jack

Water tank

Ice box emblem

Camper windows all still have the paper labels on the glass.


Original engine...runs like a top

Ding in the bumper

The blue is all original paint!  Amazing!

Caps and wheels are original paint!
Tires are new

Incredible...isnt it? have you EVER seen a bus with fenderwells this nice and original?

These original details are so often missed...an all original example like this is a phenomenal resource
for restorers. Truly a miraculous find here with this Bus.

In the end...I think this one is pretty hard to beat.
Great year, great color, rare model, spectacular original condition, low miles
epic paper trail and original documentation, even the original tent, stove and potty.
What a dreamy Bus!

$59,500 obo

For More Info...CALL
951 767 1600
or email oldbug@earthlink.net