1982 Puma GTS For Sale

Now here is something that we don't see very often here at Oldbug.
A Brazilian built 1982 Puma sports car.

Puma was a Brazilian car manufacturer that built cars from 1966 until roughly 1995.
High import tariffs effectively closed Brazil during much of this period to foreign built cars.
Puma initially sourced engines from DKW to put in their own bodies, but when Volkswagen bought DKW in 1967
the supply chain stopped and Puma designed an all new car around the Brazilian built Karmann Ghia model.
In 1973 when the Karmann Ghia production stopped, Puma adapted to the locally built VW Brasilia platform.

The convertible version of the VW based Puma was introduced in 1970 and
proved to be one of the most successful for the brand.

While Puma was primarily a Brazil based brand, a secondary factory was opened for a short time in South Africa.
Export of the Puma car was in limited numbers to the US and Europe and as regulations became tighter
for cars here in the states it became increasingly difficult to do.
In later years there are stories of cars being shipped as "parts" without engines and such, so that they could avoid
the DOT regulations for a complete vehicle.  While these cars are sometimes referred to as "kit cars", they really
are far removed from that genre as they were factory assembled cars of very high quality, not something tacked together by a backyard mechanic.

This example is a 1982 model that has just over 30k original miles on it and is very original and unrestored.