1952 VW Beetle 11G Sunroof For Sale

In the hierarchy of the world of VW collectors, a "crotch cooler" Split ragtop
is right up near the top of the heap for sure.
This freshly and fully restored example is a pretty stellar example.

It is a genuine real deal "11G" sunroof car as confirmed by Volkswagen in Wolfsburg.
Painted in the original color of Sand Beige.

The restoration is of very good quality with a nice attention to detail
and the car has been fitted with a variety of period NOS accessories , some of which are very desirable.

The car was originally delivered to Berlin Germany and at some point made it to its current home in
Toronto Ontario Canada. The current owner is the one that handled the restoration and the results are obvious...its dreamy.

The large brake light may seem a little overkill, but it makes sense in today's world.
The factory brake lights are barely seen...this big ol light New Old Stock Bosch unit is great.
The small reflectors above the taillights were installed in period and add further visibility.
The lighted "D" plate also is a nice touch.

The 25 horse engine is super clean and runs like a top.
I am seeing all the right stuff in here like the "star" coil, "D" regulator and big nut generator.
The riser on the carb base is a part of an oiler system that the owner sourced for the car but has not yet installed.