The most truly "mental" Single Cab Truck on earth!!

OK...Ive been around a LOT of VWs in the past and have "seen it all" before...or so I thought.
No matter how many vehicles you have seen in your life, there is always some guy out there that comes out and blows you away
with some truly "outside the box" creation that just stops you in your tracks....and this truck did that for me.

Front this angle it looks wild I must say...but the outer skin is just a mask over the beast within.
Its not until you really look underneath that you see that the only resemblance of this truck to a normal single cab
is the cab itself...and much of that differs from the original quite a bit!!

The quality of the build is exceptional, not only from a visual standpoint but from an engineering standpoint as well.
It was built to go as well as is does both of those amazingly well.

Showing or is very fun to look at.

There are a few things that stand out in this photo... firstly the race driver with matching helmet.
Not the normal "bus driver's wardrobe" but as you will see...this outfit matches the Bus perfectly.
On the other end of that statement, notice the registration number on the nose... yes, this is a street registered and legal
car in the UK where it is based and it passed the strict MOT testing that they have there!! Awesome!
You may also have noticed the shape of the doors in this photo... what is up with that?
Well...the whole body of this Bus with the exception of the nose, dash and general cab structure, is made  of hand shaped aluminum.
This is an amazing fabrication creation...quite impressive indeed.

The Bus has been photographed and featured in quite a few magazines around the globe...some with full studio shots
like the images above. It is a world famous machine without a doubt. Im not sure how many of our US customers have seen this
but throughout the UK and Europe it created an amazing stir when completed.

It was displayed at the Volksworld show...check out the flip-out and swivel side gate in this photo
that gives you a peek at the workmanship within...

OK...lets get in deep now.
This is my favorite photo of the truck...full tube chassis and double wishbone front suspension.
Chassis skinned F-1 style with aluminum....insane!!!

Here is a build shot showing the chassis construction.... this is serious fabrication folks... no "narrowed beam" and straight axle kit BS,
this is completely off the hook "lets build a racecar with a Bus body on it" true insanity at is best!!!

Here is the bare chassis as a roller with the massive American Racing wheels and tires fitted.
The steering rack is visable here, the steering ratio is very quick for those "sideways moments" that seem to occur often with this Bus.
Brakes are massive 15" drilled rotors with Wilwood calipers.

Here the truck is starting to take shape...the doors were  just mocked up skins were made for below
the beltline that come down to include the wheel arch.
You can catch a glimpse of the powerplant here in this photo too... Porsche 6ylinder 3.0 Litre !!!

Porsche 915 gearbox and rear suspension.

Here with the engine fitted...massive Weber carbs sticking up...
Note the seat position up sit almost at the center of the vehicle...single seater style.

The madness continues with the full chomoly roll cage built in throughout the structure.
Check out the fab work on the body here.

Rollcage is tied in all the way to the back...serious hardware.

Interior of the bed is all finished as well...note the storage area here under the bed, similar to the stock single cab, but accessed from above.
One side houses the battery and ignition box, the other is perfect for your camping gear!!!

Rear lid fully fabricated...note the stock early VW taillights.

Exhaust routes out above the taillights...check out the engine room...just plain insane!!
Engine produces about 250 horsepower to the wheels...and with the aluminum body
and other light weight fabrications...the power to weight ratio is very big.
The Bus handles well due to the low center of gravity and suspension construction.
Its a seat-pin wild ride to be sure. Its been driven about 1500 miles since completion.

Here is a finished shot of the bed of the truck...gorgeous!
I dont think I could bring myself to use it for runs to the dump...but there is room for hauling...
And this baby HAULS!!

Interior is all full race equipment...this is not a creature comfort carpets, no A/C no stereo....just full raw
race car sound and feel, which in itself is a pleasing to the senses experience not normally avalable on a street regostered vehicle!
Check out the Nascar style construction here.
Seat is a full formula 1 style unit special fit to the owner...
it may be neccessary to install a different seat depending on your size. This can be worked out though.

The shifter is amazing...this is full one off fabrication by Concept Racing (the builders of the wild ride)
Shifted with the left hand and cable actuated....awesome!!

Most of the switch gear is mounted on the air intake above the drivers head.
SPA design intelligent digital  rev-counter with 3 stage shift lights is dash mounted.
The Needle changes colour when you need to change up, this is a lovely bit of kit and uses stepper motors so it dead accurate.
It will also do several other functions like standing 1\4 and 0 to 60 and so on.
SPA Design Digital OIL temp and pressure combined with Back red light.
These are professional quality racing gauges found on exotic racing cars, not your usual Auto meter rubbish!
Air ride suspension is controlled by the  keypad above the switches with each corner fully adjustable.
You can see the roof material is a bitt diferent as well.... the roof panel itself is made of lightweight carbon fiber!

From the outside you can see the roof as well with the carbon fiber finish.
Safari front windows with chrome frames...other windows are race level polycarbonite "Lexan'
Side mirrors are one off handcrafted items...everywhere you look is another custom bit.
Steering wheel is mounted to a Porsche Racing hub that allows for quick removal.

Here's the owner/builder at the legendary Vanfest show in England with yet another award!

We have some more photos coming of this wild ride that we will share with you here.
But even without them it is wildly obvious that this was a full on, no holds barred, top level build.
Counting parts and labor on this build, it tallys up to around $150,000!!
Not something for everybody...but if you want truly one of the most incredible VW trucks EVER
and a car that will shock all who see it...young and old alike...this machine can be yours for almost half the build price.
The vehicle is located in the UK but worldwide shipping is not a problem.

(approx 40k GBP)

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