1965 Custom VW Beetle For Sale

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Now this is a Beetle that stands out from the crowd!
Located in Washington, this wild custom Beetle hosts a huge bunch of custom touches
that really make it unique and cool.
Very smooth in design...simple and clean.

The top chop is one of the major changes...bringing the roof down about 4 inches
really changes the look!

Lots of small changes too like the bumper brackets, coming up from under the body rather than through it.

Early style pull handles on the doors.

Peep mirrors off the top of the door.

Stock headlights but with the turn signals in the parking light spot.

Cleanly done inside and out.

Dashboard smoothed out big time with only the speedometer remaining.
Switches for lights, etc are mounted under the dash, as is the radio and a small interior light.

Roll cage inside is tightly fit.

Check out the smooth bumpers...notice something missing?
Oh sure...no guards or overriders...but how about the bolts?

Fenders are molded to the body...no fender beading.

Decklid hinges at the bottom and also features a frenched in license plate space.

Not the most practical for tuning the car perhaps but it sure stands out at the shows!!

Interior is very cleanly done with nice modern style bucket seats up front, custom door panels. etc.

Rear seat has been removed and a nice carpeted rear deck put in it's place.

Here you can see the roll bar as it comes down to the floor.
The custom panels and smooth running boards are also visible here.

The front hood is hinged at the side...which really freaks folks out.
The hinge construction looks very solid.

Wild wiring set up under the hood.

Only "trim" remaining is the VW logo at the top of the hood.

Here you can see the hood latch and prop.

Here is a good shot of it all wide open...pretty cool indeed!

You will be the only one at the VW show with a Beetle like this!!

Custom shifter.

Love that smooth dash.

Speakers mounted in the front panels...seats looks very comfortable.

Nice simple graphic design on the panels.
One piece side windows.

Love the sticker!!  LOL!!

The engine is a stock 1600cc unit, very clean and simple.
It has only about  6000 miles on it since the rebuild.
It was built as a reliable driver...not a go-fast car.
Trans and brakes also remain stock and everything works well...a very good driver.

12 volt electrics and the mechanical advance distributor are the only real upgrades...

Low profile modern antenna on the roof.

Peep mirror

The smooth transisitions between fender and running board and body are nicely executed.

Wide 5 polished "5 spoke" wheels with excellent tires and Wolfsburg center caps.

Taillights are frenched in.

Looks low and fat!

Neat car.  It still retains a classic look while being wildly modern in its
modifications.  The car looks well done, solid and clean.
The builder is in his 60's, so this is no "kid's" car.
Health issues have caused a need for change of climate and so he is on the move and the Beetle cant come with him.

A massive amount of work has gone into this build and the results are quite sweet indeed.
This is a car that will draw attention at any car show regardless of size or marque.
The hot rod guys dig it for the body modifications and the VW guys dig it for the classic VW style.
Just on the road it blows people's minds!  You cant be shy and have a car like this...everyone will look
and everyone will want to talk about it.

Great car, nice quality and priced at a serious bargain level for all the work that has gone into it.
I cant imagine this car being for sale long!
Grab it quick!

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