1956 VW Beetle Sunroof Sedan with Subaru STI power For Sale!

This Custom Oval Ragtop is something very special.
It was a fully professional build with a super hefty price tag.
The owner estimates that he has $75,000 invested in this car and once you see all the details...you can see where that money went!
At first glance it looks fairly normal...but in detail...it is far from that!

One of the major wow factor parts of this car is the engine...this is no normal VW motor out back.
This is a Subaru STI motor that is turbocharged and tuned and show detailed.
This is a serious performance car with around 300 horsepower!!
Compare that to the original 36 horsepower unit that was in the car when new....yikes!!

Every part of the car has been built to impress and the quality of the work is excellent.
Custom touches everywhere you look, from the custom material and leather
to the custom audo and high level of detail.

Truly a work of art here...this guy went all out!!

Under the front hood is trimmed out beautifully with a custom airbrushed fuel tank and very nicely fabricated
covers and details. The Alphasonic massive amplifier for the audio system is well fitted as well.

The installation of the Subaru STI engine is masterfully done and every bit of it is show detailed.
Check out the custom exhaust and polished oil pan.

Here is the engine prior to install...WOW!

Inside it is full luxury...
Its a cool car to be in for sure.

I guess the girls like it!

The chassis is fully detailed.

Here is the turbo and exhaust set up prior to installation.
This sort of fabrication does not come cheap!

The interior material is not cheap either...and it is used all over...this is the underside of the front hood.

The body and paint is excellent, glassy smooth finish and a great color combination.

The material under the sunroof is the LV logo stuff too.

Full custom instrumentation, high end audio and video.
Gene Berg shifter, custom console, excellent carpets, Wood trimmed steering wheel.

Sunroof is also covered with the LV material.

The car has done very well at any show it has been entered. This award is a Best of Show award from a NOPI event!

Momo steering wheel, AutoMeter instruments.

Car is located in New Jersey by the way.

Its a show stopper!

The engine set up is really the jewel at the top of the crown here.
300 horsepower and modern Japanese reliability...a great combination.
The car is very streetable, comfortable just cruising and a monster when you want to really stab the go pedal.

You really need to hear this thing running...it is INSANE.
Here is a YouTube clip of the car running.

Too cool.

The 16" Porsche wheels are gorgeous, tires are like new.
The side scoops in the side panels here are fully functional...

Here you can see how the internal ducting works behind the scoops.


Under the front hood on the apron you can see the opening for the intercooler ventilation.

A pretty impressive car in all respects.
This is for someone that wants a car that totally stands out in the pack.

Oh yeah...4 wheel disc brakes too.

Cross drilled brake rotors.

I will add a few more details and specs here to the page shortly, but as you can see, this is a very special car.
The look, the style, the sound , the performance, and the over all quality is excellent.
It is a lot of car for the money!


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