1967 VW Beetle Sunroof Sedan For Sale

This San Diego California based 67 is a great driver level Beetle that is priced to sell.
It has a good clean look to it, but is no show car...but at the asking price it is a bargain!

Factory sunroof car. been in the hands of the same owner since the 1980's
He is moving out of the area and the Beetle has to go.

Interior is nice and clean...good seats, clean carpet and headliner.
Nice stereo...just turn the key and go.

Window rubber and body seals all look good.

A few chips and scratches here and there but nothing major.

Here is one on the passenger side door...

A little bend in the running board just forward of the passenger side rear fender.
Really just small issues.

The engine was rebuilt just about 600 miles ago according to the owner
I did spy a little oil seepage underneath so that should be checked out...

What really attracts me to the car is just how straight the body is.
It looks like it has never been hit in the front or back...its a pretty sound car.

Front end has some road grime and grease from time...but that is to be expected.
I must say that it really drives nice...very tight and quiet on the road.

Stock suspension height...not lowered or modified.
The nice 5 spoke wheels jazz it up a bunch.

The paint holds a shine and it looks like a happy machine.

Bumpers are good, chrome is bright

HInge area is good and solid...everything fits pretty nice.

Under the front hood is basic and unrestored...original glove box is present...one little hole in the corner.

Modern radio in the dash...original wiring everywhere else.

Looks solid and straight in here


Under the hood

Just scruffy in here...a carpet kit or new trunk liner would go a long way to improving this area.
The owner does have a spare wheel and tire for the car by the way...and it is included in the sale.

The underside of the car is really quite solid overall.

The drivers side looks great. There is some rust directly underneath the battery on the passenger side
which is very common...I will show that to you in a bit. But other than that it looks quite solid.

Inside the front fender you can see how straight this looks.

Here is one small blister spot just behind the front wheel

Here is the worst of it...the passenger side pan is shot underneath the battery.
Replacement panels are readily available and this sort of repair is very common.
Expect it to cost you a few hundred bucks or so to fix if you feel you need to.
As it is now there is metal isnatlled above that keeps the battery in place and it seems firm.

Excellent tires on the nice chrome wheels.

Hinges are clean...all looks good.

Peeking in it looks nice in there!

Aftermarket replacement bumpers have nice chrome and are straight.

The trans shows signs of rebuild some time in the car's life. It shifts smoothly and drives nice.

Peeking in at the engine you can see the pushrod tubes are still shiny and the heads are still very clean
This is consistant with a recently rebuilt engine.

Exhaust tips are the fat flared style...they are a bit louder than stock...gives it a bit of a rumble.
The chrome does have a little surface rust on these but they may clean up.

The engine is a 1600cc dual port with a mild cam. Its pretty peppy and runs great.

Paint on the backside of the lid and the apron are not "finished" but this could of course be handled by the new owner
if you wanted to improve upon the looks...same with the engine tins and such...they show soe age.
But the engine itself under those tins is fresh...only 600 miles or so since rebuid.

Scuff plate on the door jam...

Speakers tucked behind the rear seat.

Nice Kenwood audio unit in the dash.
Really sounds nice in the car!

Two speakers under the dash.

Paint on the dash is wrinkled in spots.

Small switch and warning light are for an installed alarm system.

Nice steering wheel and hub.

Sunroof opens and closes well.
Headliner looks clean.

No rips or tears...pretty nice!

Back seat looks excellent

Front seats look great as well

Carpet seems to be in good shape too with only minor wear.

Saggy pocket on the door panel but the rest looks good.

The double cup holder in the center of the dash plugs into the factory ashtray hole.
The owner has the factory ashtray to put back in....but what a great accessory!

The turn signals on the fenders are looking a little aged.

Here is a scracth/chip in the paint on the drivers side front fender arch.

Here you can see it in perspective with the rest of the car...a little quick touch up and that will fade away.
Wheels and tires look great.

Good looking ride dont you think?

Nice fit to the hood...look at the gap!

Amazingly the car has the original SB12 headlight rings!!
These are VERY tough to find these days.

Here is one more paint flaw worth noting...a circular crack in the paint just above the headlight on the drivers side.

In closing this seems like a very good car for the money.
Long time ownership, recent engine rebuild, factory sunroof, clean interior and a pretty decent outside as well.
Great entry level car into the VW scene or a good budget driver.

$5,950 obo

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