The 2004 VW Classic "FREAK SHOW"

The 2004 edition of the Freak Show was just plain great...
Fun cars, great weather, and best of all...tons of happy people.

Here are the photos...thanks to all who helped with this year's event.
(you know who you are...)

The "Shark Car"
This has got to be the most bizarre vehicle to ever join us at the Freak Show.
Owned by the folks at Derricks Auto Mall in Fullerton California,
this car was apparantly built for an auto show in Germany.
Its VW powered with electrically controlled steering.
(I must say it is the oddest car I have ever driven...even beats the Bus-Tank from a couple years ago)
(oh...and it's for sale...asking $20K or any interesting offers)

The "Bat-Dune-Moon-Buggy"
Another addition to the event from Derricks Auto Mall in Fullerton California.
Built with the plan of film use, this car almost made it into one of the Batman films but it never happened.
Based on a standard Beetle platform...a very odd design to say the least.
(also available for sale...$6500 ish)

The "A" Team Van!
This was the wild concoction of our in-house mechanic Titus Caird.
He's a nutty guy and for some reason figured he would sculpt a Mr T and dummy up a machine gun
to help battle the LA traffic... funny as heck...his brain is as twisted as my own.
(and Im sure he would sell it...probably in the $3000 range...a good running Bus too)

The "Short Bus".
This is an creation...a twisted idea that came to me back in the late 80's after I built a
split window Beetle VW Taxi Cab... (proof that Ive been "Loco" for many years)
Based on a 1966 21 Window Deluxe...chopped 3" and shortened just under two feet.
( not "officially" for sale...but I will entertain offers.)

Wild Bill's Tattoo Machine
made a repeat performance this year... what a nutty machine and even a nuttier owner
(with all due respect Bill...)
It's just damn cool...check out the 59 Caddy tail fins!!
(not for sale)

The George Barris Phase Four Fun Buggy.
This wild surf machine is another creation.
Based on an actual "George Barris Kustom" vehicle first built in the 1970's.
One of the wildest street buggies of it's day... Cowabunga!!
( eventually for sale ...entertaining offers now )

The Rolls Royce Beetle
Yet another creation...
Based on a 1966 Beetle Sedan, this conversion kit dates back to the 1970s.
Recently re-painted and's now a truly classy machine.
"Pass the Grey Poupon !!"
(available for sale...somewhere around $6500 or so)

The Wrought Iron Super Beetle
This is another vehicle, recently purchased from a long time owner
in the Northern CA area...built in the mid 80's completely by hand.
Totally insane amount of work involved...and it is an amazing driver!
We've got it currently registered and have been piling the miles on it...way too much fun!!
( entertaining offers...)

Snoopy made another appearance at the event as well, but left a bit early (he's shy).
This is another bizarre member of the clan...built in the 1960's by an eccentric Bay area
artist and architect. Now in a hoodlum hot-rod style scheme...maybe next year it will be finished.
(not for sale)

A few days after the event we arranged the majority of the collection together
in front of our shop for a photo shoot for one of the International VW magazines...
Here's a few shots...


That's Marisa (our mail order maiden) holding the big rainbow trout on the left.
The top-hatted tall man with the big light bulb is Randy Carlson...the owner and ring-master of the circus.
The mohawked madman in black is Titus, our in-house mechanic and the owner of the Mr T Bus (see the resemblance?)
The short white guy with the boomin bass bellybutton is Kyle the Kangaroo
And the evil blue Viking doing the cheesecake pose on the Rosensteil Roadster is none other than Max the Monster...





Thanks for visiting!

Hope you found it entertaining...

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