1954 Right Hand Drive Barndoor Kombi For Sale

When it comes to the pecking order in the Bus world, the top of the pile has got to be the "Barndoor Era"
up to early 1955.  These were the very first of the Busses that have a bunch of unique design differences
that make them really stand out at the events and in the eyes of collectors.

This one is an extremely rare factory right hand drive model!
Looking at the Barndoor Registry at model 23D (Right Hand Drive, Left Land Cargo Door, Kombis)
There is roughly 25 of these known to exist world wide.
I'm sure there must be others hidden somewhere, but according to the current registry...that's about it.

This example is quite well known in the scene and it has traveled the world to attend Barndoor Bus Gatherings
in Europe as well as shows in the US from coast to coast.
It has been featured in magazines and is generally just freakin bad ass.
(sorry...but its true)

Cosmetically the restoration of the Bus is quite stock and proper and with a very nice attention to detail.

Obviously that shifter is not "stock" but that is one of the only interior clues that out back there is more than just a 25 horse engine.

Correct seats and upholstery, very clean exposed sheet metal just as original.
This was the "Kombi" model which was basically a cargo van with seats and windows.
The more cushy "Standard Microbus" got the door panels, headliner  and further trimming.

Currently located in Florida

Engine room is very clean.
The fuel tank location always trips me out , but that is the way of the Barndoor!