1963 VW Double Cab Truck For Sale


This sweet 1964 Double Cab is located in the state of Florida.
Its been there for less than a year and came from Southern California where it had spent most of its life.
It is a very clean and very solid example that is wildly cool.

The truck overall is very stock in appearance with the exception of the suspension drop and the 17" smoothie wheels.

Really a great look and a very desirable truck.

One of the great things about this example is the history and all the receipts for work done over the years.

This receipt for the suspension and mechanicals totals over $5000 and this work is less than a year old
and the mileage put on it is very minimal.

Narrowed beam, disc brakes all the way around, drop spindles, all the hardware, new tires and more.

This, along with the 17" smoothies and tires, the new canvas tilt shipped here from England...the list goes on and on.
A lot of money has been spent on this truck recently and it is seriously well dialed in and ready for use.

There is old registration slips that track ownership back a long way.

This receipt dates back to 1970!

The Bus was original sold in Santa Barbara California...
The whole history is here.

OK...the paperwork is cool...but how about the hardware...
The paint and body is not flawless but it is very nice.
Small details show minimal wear.

The underside is very solid.

The big 17" wheels tuck in ever so nicely.

Solid underneath

Rockers looking good.

The wheels are simply awesome.

Stock clean bumpers, a trailer hitch too!

The canvas tilt and canopy is a great addition to the truck.

There are some minor paint inconsistancies here and there...paint on the dash is not glassy smooth as an example.

Roof is smooth.

A couple chips here and there...

Cool funky truck mirror on the stock mirror arm.

Euro fluted headlight lenses.

Safari windows.

There is a little paint touch up along the edge of the window.

Love the Safari windows!

Bed is restored and finished with the wood strips.

A tad bit of wear on the latches.

Canvas is in excellent shape.

Bed looks great!

Solid and dry below.

Gates look great at the hinge spots.

Ceramic coated exhaust.

Clean strong running 1600cc engine.

New dual Kadron caburators

Engine room is reasonably clean.

Latches are clean too.


Chrome handles are nice...a little chip in the paint.

Gates look super smooth.

Here is a little crack flaw at the back of the bed edge.

Here is a small blister in the paint

The tow hitch is very cleanly installed.

Too cool.

Dry and solid below

Narrowed front beam is all like new.

One small patch in the floor is evident underneath...otherwise quite solid.

Inside there are minor flaws here and there but overall very clean

Cool sunvisor on the mirror.

Under the dash looks good.

Locking shifter.

Clean controls and mats.

Floors are clean under the mat.

Seat upholstery is all recently done and very nice indeed.

The bed is clean

The wood is all new and very nice.


Disc brakes on all four corners.

Signs of floor repair on the passenger side.

The 17" smoothie wheels by Airkewld...so slick.

Rear floor

Under the rear seat...looks solid.

Shift extension is a nice accessory.

Becker radio is ever so cool looking!!

Fully redone steering wheel by Koch's


Headliner panels.

Drivers side door panel has the pocket.

The canopy was custom made in the UK and shipped over along with the top bows as well.

In closing this is about as cool as it gets.
A very desirable model, very solid, with known history
and a mild style modification with the drop and wheels.
A very nice Bus indeed!

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