1964 VW 13 Window Deluxe Microbus For Sale

The VW Bus is an icon , this has truly been established through the years and
just the vision of one conjures up the images of the 60's and the free spirited lifestyle that went along with that era.

In our fast paced, angst filled world there is a great need for a spot to get away from it all
and I cant think of a much better place in the automotive world than in an old VW Bus at the beach.

This photo shoot transported me just a bit, lost in a bit of a daydream as I poured through the pics.
I just want to be there, in this lovely lightly worn Bus, cruising along slowly, smelling the sea air and watching the sun dip below the horizon.

I'm not there and I don't smell the sea air, but I do see an amazing beauty here on my computer screen.
This Bus is awesome.

What appeals to me so deeply on this particular machine is the purity of it.
It is shockingly untouched and original inside and out
and the wear and patina it carries with it is so perfectly consistent throughout.
There is nothing that stands out as new or looks out of place.
You can see, feel and smell the age of it. The soul is perfectly untouched and pure.

I spend a lot of time looking at VWs for sale and while I do truly love them all, I have come to really appreciate
the ones that have carefully aged a fair bit (like myself).  Like your favorite pair of jeans...the fit is just perfect.

One of the biggest joys of an all original vehicle like this comes down to the quality of the parts.
All the original German bits are a breath of fresh air to see for a true VW nut like myself.

Ive seen a lot of original paint Busses that for some reason people think it looks better to paint the bumpers and wheels.
Ive always thought it was the most foolish move. To see one that the owners have used restraint in touching like this one
is an extreme rarity.  All original finish should be ALL original.
You don't take the artwork of the Masters, and clip it in a shiny modern frame!
Leave the whole image intact.

Anyway...I know I step on a soap box when it comes to originality, its kinda my thing I guess.
I just think that we need to leave some of these "survivors" alone so that the world can see how they really
are supposed to be, dirt and grit and fade all the way.

The details are the Bus are great. The Surf club sticker on the windshield is awesome

Original paint wheels with German hubcaps and the correct wheel trim rings