1976 Porsche 912E

The Porsche 912E is a bit of a rare bird. Built for only one year, it was a temporary stop gap
between the 914 and 924 models to keep an entry level model in the line.
Only 2092 of them were built, and from checking around a bit, it seems that only four
of them were built in this color , with this combination of options...yes...one of four!
That is itself make this a fantastic target for collectors, but add to that the known history and the total
originality of the car...this is one to grab and keep.

The 912 model was around much earlier of course...right back to the beginning of the 911
but it stopped production early in the decade to make way for the 914.

In 76 it was back...but only for a moment.
While on the exterior it looks almost exactly like the 911, its tail houses the same
powerplant as the 914, and air cooled flat four.

There actually are some benefits of the smaller engine in the car, the weight of the four cylinder
was less than the flat six, so the 912 was never quite as "tail happy" as it's big brother.
Fuel economy is improved and the price of repairs is also a vast improvement.

But enough about the history lesson...lets look at this car and see what we have.

First of all the paint is original on this car...it has not been repainted.
The color is called Talbot Yellow and it is a wonderful soft, slightly butterscotch hue that really suits the car well.

The body is in excellent condition and the car has obviously lead a pampered life.

Smooth down the sides...no parking lot rash or signs of damage or touch up.

Headlights in nice shape, chrome is good.

A few stone chips of course...this is a car that has been driven!

Underside of the car is excellent with no rust or damage.

Suspension all in great shape.

Interior of the car is all original as well and in really quite nice shape.

Some bolster wear on the drivers side seat back and one seam on the passenger seat bottom
that is starting to pull, but this is all original stuff.
We will come back to the interior in a moment...

Under the front hood, and everywhere really, I was taken by just how clean the car is.
No tree leaves in the vents or dirt build up in the door jams.
This is a very nice car.

Look how clean this is around the hood latch...still a good gold tint to the latch itself.

Under hood light works, hinge area is clean.

Under the trunk liner the "smugglers hatch" is all there.
Paint under the carpet here may polish up a little if you were into that.

Inside the hatch is dry and rust free.

Body number...this is 912E number 1059 out of only 2092 built!

The jack is in the holder.

Washer pump.

Spare wheel still has the sticker on the rim.

The air pump for the California smog equipment is currently removed and stored under the front hood.

Battery area is pretty clean!

I dont think the spare has ever seen use.

Under the hood.

Carpet liner in good condition.

Door handles are excellent.

Classic face!

Body is really excellent on the car.

The wheels are original to the car and have not been restored.
Nearly new Sumitomo tires on all four corners.

What a beauty!

Factory sunroof!!


From all angles it really looks wonderful.

OK...original carpet has always been covered with floor mats, so there is
very little wear but some discoloration from time on the drivers side.

Hinge area is very clean.

Reprint owners manual

Coco mats keep the floors safe.

Reprint workshop manual.

Seats are great and the interior color works so nicely with the Talbot yellow exterior.

Here you can look across and see the wear on the bolster on the drivers side seat back.
That is the worst spot in the whole interior.

Latches are clean.

Some paint wear to the shifter from use...

Passenger side carpet looks great.

Coco mats.

One very curious part about this car is the under dash air vent set up.
This looks to me to be dealer installed Air Conditioning, yet...when you explore further
you realize that none of it is hooked up and it never looks like it was.
No hoses or lines run anywhere and no holes where they would go!
This is a bit of a mystery indeed.

Steering wheel in good shape with only minimal wear.

Nice to see door jams this clean.

Factory sunroof works wonderfully.

Headliner is original and under the sunroof there is one tear that has been taped closed.

Enthusiast owned and driven.
The ownership history is traced back a bit on this and it was sold new in Oregon but spent most of it's life in
California. It has had six owners since new, but obviously all of them treated it kindly.
And looking at the list I actually recognize a name or two and know them to be collectors.

Glass is good, window trim and rubber looks nice.

Rockers are solid.

Fender wells are clean and still sport original paint.


Small scuff on the front valance..

Another bit of a scratch on the valance.

Tires are excellent.

So nice to see clean solid fenderwells!

Wheels are all in very good shape.

Solid solid solid!!

Underside of the engine and trans are pretty clean as well.

Clean title and current California registration.

One tiny flaw on the engine lid.

Engine runs fantastic and is very clean for a driver.

Very good runner!

With the lid open it is obvious that it is not the normal Porsche engine...

With the lid closed...this is the only thing that sets it apart visually from the 911.

Rear deck is clean

Rear seats look unused.

Quite clean.

Slight wear on the hand brake.

Here is the seam on the drivers seat bottom that is starting to pull.

Here is the drivers side seat bolster.

The inset part of the drivers side seat bottom may have been redone.
The sides and everything else is obviously original...this section looks ever so slightly cleaner
and being the spot that gets the most wear... follow me here?
This is just me sleuthing about...I could be wrong.
If it was repaired it was done fantastically well.

OK...I know you have been wondering what the mileage is...well here it is...142,631 miles at the time of the photos.
This is the original miles
and looking at the condition of the car, one would expect it to be less.
It has been very well maintained during it's lifetime and it truly runs and drives excellent.

Close up of the vents.

Headliner is very clean.

Dash pad is excellent.

Modern audio head unit with cd player.

Let in the sun!

Trim and window scrapers look great.

Fog lights are in very good shape.

In closing, this is a wonderful car.
It is rare, it is pretty, and the level of originality and obvious proper care make it one heck of a find in todays world.
Looking at the prices of historical Porsches in recent day, it seems pretty obvious to me that this is a fantastic investment.


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