1957 VW Oval Window Beetle For Sale

This California based 57 Oval is a very clean and attractive car.
It was restored recently and was built to be a fun driver, not a perfect show car.

Since going 100% stock leaves you little options, when you are building a fun driver car like this,
you can do what pleases you.
While the paint color on this car is obviously not "correct" Im sure you must admit that the car carries it very well.
Its a good looker.

The paint finish is very nice... the color deep and classy.

The odometer reads 1125 miles which I believe are the actual miles since the restoration was completed.

Chassis number

Solid under the seat

Prior to sale the owner is changing this exhaust ouut for a stock set up with the proper "tweeter pipes"

Bumper brackets are chromed.

Spring mount on the engine lid has been welded.

Firewall is trimmed with aluminum.

Battery area looks good...12 volt electrics.

1600cc case, engine is a recent rebuild and runs very good.

New carburator


The holes for the overrider tubes have been filled and you can see a slight ghost crack where they used to be.

Looks like the bumper mounts have been replaced.

Clean...not all greasy or packed with muck and heavy undercoat.

The floorpans have been patched and while they are very solid as it sits
it was not done with the proper replacement metal...just flat sheet steel.
So it is a little messy looking under here, but it would not need replacement unless the cosmetics of the chassis below makes a difference to you.

Here is a better shot...

OK...back out to the pretty stuff.

Front overrider holes have been capped with nice rubber plugs

Under the front hood looks reasonably clean

This is a shot of the seam that is just forward of the passenger door.
Looks like a little bodywork was done here as it is just ever so slightly inconsistant as you sight down it.

Looks like the lower hinge here has also had some minor repair.
I know Im being picky here, but these are the sort of things you might notice if you were looking close it the car yourself
so I feel I should show them for the benefit of those that cant make the trip to inspect in person.

Front fender wells look solid.

Spare wheel and tire.

Sorry for the odd glare here...overall looks reasonably straight.

Jack in the holder.

Bottom of the spare tire well looks solid but it obviously has had a little work done to it.

Body tag and number

Here's a better shot of the drivers side of the spare tire well.
You can see that it has had a little work done.

Looks like a small patch on the tip of the hood.

Tool roll, fire extinguisher and a "club" lock.

Now when you look along the edge of the front fenders you can see that they poke out just a bit at the top of the arch.
Looking closely at the front you can tell it has had some minor front end damage in the past
so perhaps it just didnt get pulled out all the way...then when installing the fender they had to flex it a little to get it to fit
and that might cause this sort of a slight bulge. Its not a massive deal and it is certainly repairable if it bothered you.

Looks like a little repair has been done to the bottom of the drivers side heater channel.
The pan on this side looks pretty good.

Synchromesh tranny in in place, looks like new brake lines and such.

Here was a little something I noticed down at the base of the rear quarter panel where it meets the running board on the drivers side...
The body guys just didnt properly finish the corner...you really need to get down low to see it...again, me being picky...but thats the way I roll.

Another shot of the repaired area under the heater channel on drivers side.

Again...across the floor pan on this side it looks good.

The engine underneath looks reasonably clean and dry.

Proper glass taillights

Inside it has the right assist straps and coat hooks.

Headliner is done in pin point vinyl

Door panels are basic black.

Nice dash and steering wheel.

Carpet and floor mats in very good condition.

Tires are excellent on nice two tone painted wheels.

Window rubber all looks new.

Correct early headlights with the wiring tubes.

Gravel guards are installed incorrectly... the tab at the top should tuck in under the running board.
(its amazing how often I see this done!)

Handles and trim look very clean.

Door seals are nice, latches are clean.

Speedometer was rebuilt.

Modern audio in the dash (and yes, the dash was trimmed to make this fit)

Nice clean speaker panel behind the seat.

Seat upholstery is as new in black basketweave vinyl.

Headliner is a little loose...

Looks like the hinge has had some work done...not pretty but holding firm.

Body and paint actually looks quite nice.

Small ding in the engine lid from opening it up too far.

These "Rossi" headlights are a rare accessory to find these days...these are not a "period" accessory
but they have some value to them so you could swap them out to the stock VW units and sell these to pay for them.

Close up of the ding.

The engine is a dual port 1600cc unit that runs very well.
This car is a great driver just as it is..

So there you have it!
The car is clean but the restoration is not top notch, but it has a great look to it just the same.
Nice enough to go to any car event but not so nice that it would be uncomfortable to pile the miles on it.
All in all it is a very good car for the money.

$9,975 obo

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