1969 VW Beetle Convertible For Sale

This Southern California based 69 Convertible is a wonderful little car.
Very pretty in "British Racing Green" with tan top and interior.
Looks like a very nice quality restoration with tasteful custom touches.

I really like the look of this car.
The classic style has been retained and the custom bits are mild.
The front turn signals as an example, shaved off the top of the fender
and incorporated in the front bumper like the late model cars built in Mexico.
I like the staggered wheel rims as well, just a bit deeper in the back than the front.

The chrome wheels look great as well and the stock body trim all retained keeps it looking
"stock" at first glance, and when you look in a bit deeper you see the things that really make the car special.

Window frames and all the trimmings are in wonderful shape.
The matching top boot looks very nice.

Clean wheels and Michelin 165-15 radials up front.

Custom interior is very well done.
I like the clean look and modern touches such as the subtle drilled speaker holes and stitched detail on the panels.

Carpet is excellent and well fit. Seat belts mounted front and back.