1958 VW Karmann Ghia Convertible For Sale

If the world were to take a vote as to the most beautiful VW model ever produced
I would not be surprised at all if a blue low light Ghia convertible like this would take the grand prize.
From that elegant Ghia designed body, to the truly gorgeous color combination
this car is grade A "Volks-porn" all the way.  She is as sexy as can be.

This stellar 1958 model is located in the UK in the hands of a collector and he has decided it is time
for it to find a new home. The car was ground up restored to concours level and has been featured
in Volksworld Magazine.  Not only is it a rare early example, it also is doubly rare
as it is right hand drive.  The car comes with the "birth certificate" from VW as well.
While it did leave the factory as left hand drive (no right hand models were produced in 1958)
the conversion is seamless and looks so impressively proper that only the rare few "ghia gurus" of the scene
would ever call you out on it.

The restoration was a top level professional job inside and out with a keen eye for quality and correct detail.

Everything has been kept stock and proper and is beautifully done.

Showroom finish in all the deep corners, this car is arguably better than it ever was when it left the factory.

What a backdrop too eh?

Matching spare with tool kit.