1970 "Empi GTV" Beetle Sedan

Back in the late 60's and early 70's many VW dealers across the country embraced the aftermarket
parts for their cars and offerred special cars to their customers. The most famous of these is the legendary
Empi GTV. For those into the Muscle car scene...this is the VW equivalent of the Shelby Mustang
or the Baldwin "Motion" Camaros here in America. While probably the majority of cars featured
nothing but some fancy trim and graphics, some of them received the full performance package...
a true VW Hot Rod...bought straight through the dealer!!

This 1970 model Beetle was found with only a scant few clues of it's original form by it's current owner.
He first noticed the car had chrome taillight housings and then that caused him to look deeper.
He saw a few other period Empi bits on the car such as the wood dash panels and such and new he
had found a car that could very possibly be the "real deal". He bought it and started the resto.
When at the paint shop, the paint was stripped down and they discovered the remains of the side strips under
the top coat and the rest of the picture fell neatly in place.

Being a life-time VW fanatic, the owner set about to find and install as much original Empi equipment as possible
and has restored the car to be one of the most comple GTV's I have come across.
With the rising prices of these original bits and the collectors hoarding the stuff like precious stones for display in showcases,
it is refreshing to see it all where it truly should be...on a car such as this.

Chrome taillight housings are original Empi goodies.

Graphics and plate frames are faithful reproductions of the originals

Note the genuine Hella lenses.

Under the decklid lurks the heart of the beast.
Displacement is around 1776cc with the real deal Empi roller crank within.
Genuine early Empi 48 ida carbs on original Empi globe manifolds.

Note the casting of the carbs...these arent the new ones!

Manifolds are originals

Original Empi sending unit for the instruments.

Fresh linkage, carbs fully rebuilt.

Engine compartment is clean and the car truly runs and drives very well.
I must make note of a minor rattle from within when cold that has boggled the owner and his well trained VW
mechanic buddy who just arent sure what it is...the engine runs great...it just makes a little noise.
The car has been driven many miles and no signs of the noise increasing...could go forever like that, but I needed to bring it up.

Underside is pretty clean and dry.
Brakes are all excellent, clutch and transmission are good.
It's a turn-key driver just as it sits.

Empi finned valve covers.

original chassis is overall very solid with one small exception...a spot of weakness just forward of the battery.

Here's the spot...it's the only noteable spot, the rest of the chassis looks great....just this one spot.

This photo shows a couple of cool things...the chrome Empi sway bar and shocks and the backside of the rare original Empi 2pc wheels.

You can see remnants of the original sticker on the shock here...

Here's an even better spot.

Tires are new on all four corners and the wheels are in excellent condition.

Empi logo center caps...

The Empi casting on the wheel

Car has a pretty fresh look to it...not chipped up or messy...well done and well maintained.

Plate frame...

Love those graphics!

Original bumper guards are in great shape.

Empi GTV decal on the quarter panel

Stone gairds...note the new running boards too...
Car has all new rubber seals and trim..looks sweet.

GTV side scoops!

Inside the array of rarities continues!

Drool drool drool... and yes, they are functional!
Odometer reads 87,000 miles and change by the way...

Amps gauge and warning light.

Rear Empi GTV steering wheel

Early Empi pedal covers...also note the Wolfsburg logo original accessory rubber floor mat.
These cover the original carpets in the car...a little wear but still pretty nice for it's age.

Great early Empi shifter and knob.

Seats have been recently re-upholstered.
Door panels are the originals and are in nice shape.

Back seat looks great

Headliner is fresh and well fit.

Looks very nice and clean.

Original production sticker in the door jam...car was built in December 1969.


Original door panels!!

Under the hood is original and un-restored.

This looks line an original spare tire to me...check out the tread!

Apron is clean...car has not been wrecked.

original jack in it's holder.

original trunk liner is holding up pretty good.

Underside of hoos is nice and clean

Love the look of the wheels and the stripes and the color combo is classy and understated

In closing this is a very neat car.
Loaded to the gills with very desireable and valueable period Empi goodies and all on a car that originally
was equipped with at least some of the items straight from the dealer. Good looking, good running,
and a car that will be highly prized by collectors for many years... and it's priced at an amazingly low level for a fast sale.
I wish I had the money for this one myself!!

Asking just
$7,500 firm
(a simply mind-blowing deal!)

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