1963 VW Beetle For Sale

The Beetle is a great car to express your personality and have a bit of fun.
Some folks like them stock and factory, others want a wild race car.
People build them lifted way up for off road and others like them down nice and low.

This car was built in California and was an original California car.
It is located now in North Carolina.

The restoration of the car is really quite stock and accurate for the year and model.
The quality of the work is exceptional and the fit and finish is spot on.

The current owner bought the car is restored all stock condition from a well known California collector.

After receiving the car he had it lowered and fitted with the Porsche wheels and high end disc brakes.
The work was done top level and with the best of parts.

Original window sticker copy, the birth certificate from Wolfsburg,
The car as sold new at Chick Iverson VW in Newport Beach California.

The condition is fantastic inside and out.

German parts used everywhere, only the best of the best.