1952 Beetle Sunroof Show Car For Sale

This is a stunning, full body off restoration Beetle that has been featured in Hot VWs Magazine in June 2010
and has been a prolific award winner since completion.
The builder is a life-time VW nut that builds and restores VWs for a living
and this was his personal love shild...a car built just for him...no holds barred.

It is a 1952 model, and original "11G" sunroof car.
The restoration was done cosmetically original and stock
(with very minor exceptions...such as the convertible style decklid and colored fender beading and running board)
by the way....a proper sedan decklid is included...

Underneath the car though the car is later model and upgraded all the way.
Currently the car rests on a 1969 chassis, with ball joint front beam and all the trimmings.
Now you vintage guys dont get all bent at this...as the owner fully restored the original chassis and drivetrain
complete from 16" wheels to the freshly rebuilt 25 horse!!

This is the best of both worlds... want it stock?
Just swap out the chassis!

Both chassis are included at the asking price, but the owner will consider selling the car with the buyer's choice
of floorpans and drivetrains at a reduced price.

So take both...or pick your poison.
Old and proper, or new and Hot Rod!

The restoration quality of the car is really super nice.
This guy does fantastic work and as a calling card...this will put a line out the door!

Under the hood is the stock 16" spare...

Detailed inside and out, and while it has the look of a trailer queen, the owner
states that it is anything but...he has worked it all out and is not afraid to drive the car to events, no matter what the distance.

Grooved body trim, solid VW logo...all  the proper early trim in place.

The correct "3 fold" sunroof...and yes...it is original to the car.

The interior is done beautifully stock with the correct early cloth on the seats and panels
and the good German square weave carpets on the floor.

Grooved semaphore turn signals.

Detail painted grooved bumpers...nice accessory brake light.

Correct small glass taillights.

But that is no 25 horse under the lid!!

Show detailed and fully tuned performance drivetrain.
The best of the best is used here .
Displacement is a 2110cc with an 82mm Bugpack counterweighted crank, CB Performance H beam rods,
Mahle 90.5 pistons and cylinders with Total Seal rings, 044 heads by Clyde Berg
Dual Dellorto 48 carbs on match ported intakes, all balanced and blueprinted.
A-1 Sidewinder exhaust system, etc etc. The trans too is a full built performance box with super-diff andwelded 3rd and 4th...etc.

The car is of the era to have the "crotch coolers" in the front quarter panels
(one of my favorite eary Beetle things!)

Center mount antenna is cool.

And yes...it is a red tip Hirschmann!

That big three fold ragtop is pure heaven!!!

Super cleanly detailed everywhere...check out the accessory cruiser pedal and the high beam switch pad.

The dash is fully equipped...and has a pair of very rare Convertible glove box doors.

Awesome early Banjo steering wheel...real deal, not a repro!

Fully polished Porsche alloys with detailed center caps.

Fanfare horns, excellent addition...and the Euro headlights are beautiful!!

Excellent vehicle for plowing the fields!!


Gene Berg locking shifter...a Cal Look staple.

That dash is gorgeous isnt it?

Bolster pillows, the round ashtray, the luggage rails in the back...it has it all.

OK...I want to be in this seat...dont you???

In closing this is as nice as they get...excellent quality through and through.
Keep it stock or keep it custom...you have your choice, or you can have them both.
The best of both worlds!

$49,500 obo
(including both stock and custom drivetrains and chassis)

For More Info...CALL
or email oldbug@earthlink.net