How to list a car with us! is a unique place.
We advertise cars in a special way and the results speak for themselves.
Rather than follow the path of other advertising sites and have few photos and short descriptions
we attack each listing with the plan to show a car completely.

A few pretty photos of the "good stuff" is one thing...but 30-50 or more photos
are going to show people a whole lot more.
If Im buying a car...Im going to look underneath, Im going to look for the bad stuff..and I think
anyone with half a brain probably does it the same way.
So why not give the people what they want to see??

For local cars, we try to get together with the sellers to take the photos ourselves
(please call 951-767-1600 for an appointment)

For vehicles not in the immediate area, we need photos...and lots of them!
We ask sellers to follow our lead here and take a ton of photos of all the good stuff and the bad stuff.
Take a look at this listing as an example and try to replicate the images the best you can.

Check it out and then click back to this page

OK..did you see it?
Did you notice that the car was in good lighting (not in the trees or shade)
there were photos from all angles and pictures of the flaws too?
Photos of service records or other documents help show that the car has a good history
and pics of the little flaws help people feel comfortable as they feel your honesty that way.

So...if you think you can do it...shoot the photos and email them to

NOTE: Please Edit the size of your photos to a reasonable size.
Many digital cameras today take high resolution images with file sizes that are 1-2MB each...this is great for printing
but bad for emailing and use on the website. Our optimum size is 480X640 with a file size of 100kb or less.

IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO EDIT THE IMAGES...then send them ONE OR TWO at a time via email and we can size them down.

Along with the photos include your contact info, location and the car's details.
We will check out the photos and get together with you to take it from there.

Remember...we do all the hard stuff...we deal with the emails and the phone calls
and when someone serious pops up...then they are sent to you to complete the deal.
We will assist the buyer with shipping arrangements and help if needed with whatever might pop up.
We can also help guide you towards pricing your car right as we offer a fair market appraisal as a part of the service!

The cost for the full listing service is $750.
This is payable upon sale of the car...if it doesnt sell through our website...we get nothing.
Better than a money back guarantee ... we get paid when what we do works.
And it will work!

We do offer extra services such as ebay auction listings and featured ads on other websites.
These each have their associated costs but can add exposure of the car.

Bonus! A regular ad on TheSamba website is included with a standard listing... we spread it out so you dont have to.
We also post your car through all our social media channels...with well over 20,000 followers on Facebook alone
we have sold cars within minutes of listing!

We do require online exclusivity with all our listings...this means you must let us handle the marketing...dont post other ads on other sites
for your vehicle on ebay or Craigslist or anything like that while we have it on our site.

If there is a particular website you would like to see it on...let us know and we can place the ad and link it to our site
for the best possible exposure for your vehicle.

Give it a try...with no up front costs and guaranteed results or you dont pay...what do you have to lose?

Call for more info!

Or EMAIL us at