1967 VW 21 Window Microbus For Sale

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This So Cal Based 67 21 window is a real crowd pleaser.
Reacently finished and loaded with great accessories and details and a truly unique and eye catching
paint scheme...it is a great looking ride.

The Bus has it all and then some...check out the details like the rare trip-speedo, the horn button, the Gene Berg locking shifter...
The list goes on and on.

It is a custom ride for sure...lowered suspension and the Porsche fuchs wheels, etc, but it retains all the factory
body trim and details and that helps it keep the classic style.

The navy blue interior really looks great with the exterior colors.

It is cleanly done inside and out and everything is all freshly done and in great shape.
I like the details such as the speaker box, which has been carpeted with the original German square weave material
so it blends in with the interior.

Safari windows let in the breeze...

Clean engine room features a stock 1600cc single port engine that runs fantastic.

The interior is cleanly done.
There are some original details such as grab handles on the seats and ashtrays and such that are no present,
but without them the look is much cleaner and simpler inside and matches the custom theme.

Chrome window frames all around really stand out bright against the dark roof color and
they match up great with the aluminum trims and the Porsche wheels...really well balanced look all around.

Its really sharp!!

The safri windows...the big sunroof...this is what these Busses are all about!!

The Bus is very solid and all of it has a fresh showroom look to it.
The suspension is low, but not insane.
The front beam is a 4" narrowed unit from CB Performance with drop spindles and Porsche disc brakes
with cross drilled and slotted zinc coated rotors.
The rear end uses a Type 1 trans with no reduction boxes and freeway flyer gearing that allows it to
cruise along with modern traffic at 70-75mph.

Load the whole crew in here and have some serious fun!

Headliner and all interior looks great.
Check out the "ambulance fan" in the fresh air box, a very rare accessory.

Sunroof has been complete rebuilt and the factory handle rechromed.
Long "spoon" style pop out window latches allow for wide open motoring.
Rear windows have the proper "jailbars" in place.

So cool

Paint and body looks very nice....and I love the colors!

Dash is clean and well appointed.
Proper rubber 67 only dash knobs are there.
Love the horn buttom and the original radio.

Canvas sunroof cover

Interior panels have the chrome trims... wheels are original Porsche 4.5" up front and 6" heart fuchs out back.

Engine room is clean, good running solid stocker 1600cc engine with 12 volt electrics.
Realiable and thrifty on fuel.
All new wiring harness.

Seats are really cleanly done...nice interior.

The values on these have been really on the rise in recent years and as you can see on our
website we have a couple Deluxe Busees listed for over $100k!
This one is not priced at that level...in fact I think it is a heck of a bargain.

Photos of this Bus have been taken for a feature article in a European VW Magazine that is soon to come out.
The Bus attracts some major attention out on the road and at the shows.

Headliner is done in black perforated vinyl.

Hop in and drive it!!

The seller did not provide us with any photos of the floors or the underside but has assured us that there are no rust issues below
and that the floors are clean.

Fluted Hella headlight lenses are another nice add on.
Turn signal lenses look clean and new as well.
Original beltline trim has been nicely polished and the red filler rubber
is a great style touch.

Here you can see a better view of the ambulance fan.

Owner is a member of the Volksstyle car club here in So Cal.
This graphic is easily removed.

Great Bus!
I love the look, I love the colors and all the accessories are the icing on the cake.
Priced super reasonably at

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