1967 VW Beetle Convertible For Sale

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This is a tire...a blackish round rubbery thing often seen under cars, trucks, bicycles, motorbikes
and even the occasional wheelbarrow. Why am I showing you this?
Well this tire, a long loved Michelin XZX radial is attached to a very special car.

These tires by the way were a long time favorite to VW owners and they were discontinued many years ago.
However they are back on the market through the collector car tire market and
I just love them...a proper European tire for your VW.

Now on with the cryptic clues...  check out this very solid floorpan...

And this pile of original literature

Looks like a European delivery perhaps?

Again with the super solid original floorpan...

Hmm...support rails...must be a convertible...

Battery side...solid...no rust, no repairs...

These support rails are very common rust issue spots...this is how they should look on a proper
solid rust free Convertible. Not covered in undercoating, original paint peeking through and solid solid solid.

Looks nice and straight and solid underneath!

Here's a sneak peek of the top side... is it coming clear?
67 US Spec Convertible!!

Nice to see solid stuff in the corners like this.

OK...OK...I made my point...the car is super solid...lets get on with the pretty bits!

This 67 Convertible is currently located in the state of Georgia, but was in California
for most of its life. It was billed as being a very well preserved all original car when the current
owner bought it, but I am a skeptical guy on this sort of statements,
so I will point out what I see and you can draw your own conclusions.
The mileage is 39,000 and change and this is documented as original through the paperwork,,,so could it really be
"ALL" original?

The color looks right and the car sure looks sweet.
I like seeing the black California plates and the dealer plate frames.

The headliner looks excellent...that trim panel on the header bow sure looks right to me.

Some deterioration on a few of the rubber bits, but the frame looks clean and solid.


Nice to see the bumper irons painted the right color for the year.

The front apron sure looks like original paint to me...no overspray on the latch or anything.

Looks like the wiring cover is a proper original...

Fuel tank looks untouched and proper.

Believable consistent wear in the spare tire well...looks original to me.

The paper paint code sticker is still present.
The shift rod access plate being painted blue is correct by the way for a convertible of this era.

Dreamily solid and straight up here...and unrestored which is really a bonus in my book.

I like the original spare tire too!

The car has the proper convertible only front hood lock and a very nice parcel tray.

Under the engine is very clean.

The paint under the engine lid is certainly all original and with some further detailing will probably liven up a lot.
The 1500cc engine looks great...only non original part seen here is the mechanical advance distributor.
It is reportedly an excellent runner and driver, very tight and smooth.
The odometer reads 39k miles and the seller believes this to be accurate and has paperwork to back it up!
The engine was removed and re-sealed at one point so it is good to go.

Looks like the heater boxes have been powdercoated or at least cleanly painted.

Now Im really looking close at these photos trying to see some clue that would tell me for sure it had been resprayed.
Its really hard to tell.
In these years the fender beading was color matched, so you cant really tell there.

Chrome looks great, bumpers look proper.

Door jams are clean.

Now the seats have me thinking a little...
The panels are all original, this Im pretty certain of...paint inside seems original as well.
The seats to me look like they may have been recovered.
The reason I say this is the wrinkles... and the seam for the front seat backrests.
I dont think this is "right" for original material...correct me if I am wrong...I might just be.

Dash looks great.

Fantastic radio in the dash.

Looks like the black plastic cap in the center of the speedo needle has fallen off...

Sweet clean glove box with the original manuals inside.

Looks like the original horsehair padding and the little paper tag...

Battery area looks clean.

OK...the string on the seatcover on the bottom...did VW use a string like this??

The carpet looks awesome in the car and it has the right cloth binding...but the weave of the carpet
looks a little looser than the wool stuff that I am familiar with in earlier models...
What do you guys think on this?

Original mats look great...the proper 67 seat belt loop is here.

Behind the back seat is certainly the original material.

This headliner...looks pretty correct to me...

If this is original 1967 material...it is pretty impressive.

Carpets again...look so amazingly nice...with 39k miles...it is certainly possible this is original!!

Top is in excellent shape!
Again...it is the original?
I have seen some 67's with a chrome trim along the bottom edge of the top...

The car is really in great condition and it has a wonderful feeling of originality with just enough patina to give it that vibe.
The owner states that it runs and drives fantastic!!

Love it!

In closing this is really an impressive find.
I have asked for a couple of super close up photos to try to find any signs of a repaint...I will report my findings.
But the more I look at it, the more Im thinking it just might be original paint...
and if it is, I am simply blown away.
Even if it is not, the car's condition is fantastic and it is a very rare find in this sort of shape.
This is one to buy and hold for the future!!

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