1952 Barndoor Camping Bus For Sale

In the world of VW Busses, the earliest models, known as the Barndoor models are
the most highly prized. The Barndoor era stopped in 1955, very early in the game for Bus production
and there are several attributes that make them stand out in the crowd.

The term "Barndoor" refers to the size of the rear engine lid.
Many people have confused this over time with the cargo doors on the side of the Bus...
If you know your stuff though, when someone sayd Barndoor...this Bus in the photos is the style they are referring to.

This particular example comes to us from England, where it currently resides.
The owner is a serious VW nut and he bought the Bus from BBT in Belgium,
one of the most prestigious traders in Europe. It is a 1952 model, which is very early.
With production starting in 1950...there were not a whole lot produced in the first couple of years.

This Bus was very nicely restored by the skilled crew at BBT and full photo documentation of the restoration is available
(click here)

The Bus was a late 52 production and left the factory on New Years eve of 52.
One of the most amazing things about this Bus is that the engine, trns and front end
are all the original units that it left the factory with!! A true "matching numbers" Barndoor!!

The paint quality and overall restoration is excellent and the Bus retains as much of the original equipment as possible.
The wheels are the proper 16" variety, the paint color is original to the Bus...Dove Blue.

The wide whitewall tires most likely were not original equipment on this model, but they sure give it
a fantastic classic look.

Some of the minor differences on the Bardoors are the vent wings that open on a paino style hinge.
Take a look at thee side view mirror, also a very early Bus model attribute.

The "pressed bumpers" and the lack of turn signal lights (keep in mind this Bus has the semaphore signals in the door post!)

The bumperless rear end is correct, as is the crank start rear apron and early bubble taillights and reflectors.

The "Barndoor" itself at full swing.
Very cleanly detailed and restored underneath.

The shelf mounted spare tire is another early attribute as well as the fuel tank mounted along the side.

The engine in here is the actual original 25 horse engine that came with it when new!

It has been fully rebuilt and show detailed and it features all the proper early tin and trim.

From below the engine remains very clean and dry.
Mechanically the Bus is excellent.

The interior is also very well restored and it has all the right stuff.
Check out the simplistic
dash layout of these early models...and the steering wheel that is unique to the model as well.


The floors on top and bottom are well finished and sanitarily clean.

Like new...if not a little better than new.

In the back of the Bus is a very special treat.
The Wesfalia museum was searching for examples of the earliest interiors that they fitted to the VW.
When they could not find any, they reverted to the original photos and blueprints and reproduced three examples
, one for the museum's Camper, and the other two as spares. This is reportedly one of the spare interiors.
While it is a fairly recent construction, it was actually built by Westfalia to the original specs...isnt THAT cool??

The Camping Box interior is very unique and beautiful.

The underside of the Bus is exceptionally solid and proper. Not show detailed for mirrors below,
but properly welded and restored to original condition and treated with an undercoat for preservation.


Nice shot!!

In closing this is truly an incredible investment opportunity.
It is very rare that these early models come up for sale, in fact this is the first Barndoor era Bus we have had posted here in Oldbug.com
in the 12 years we have been running the site!!!
We are pleased and honored to have it listed for sale and I am very confident that the buyer of this Rare Bus will
be pleased and honored to have it in their collection.

$65,250 obo
(UK equivalent of 40k GBP)

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