1969 Volkswagen Beetle For Sale

This super clean 69 has been fully restored inside and out.
It was a full "body off" restoration and is in fantastic condition, truly like new.

Its not often you see a late 60's car done to this level.
I love the clean white theme to this whole car, it is like a happy
little cloud on wheels!

Check out the gorgeous interior!
The seats and door panels are done in leather, not vinyl!

Nice quality carpets and the matching tan piping on the seats is a super nice touch.

Look in the door jams here and you can see the little screw caps and seals are all new and properly fitted.
This car was put together with a very nice eye for detail.

Stock dash and steering wheel, all clean and simple as it should be.

Nice drink caddy basket on the center tunnel.

Headliner looks to be very cleanly installed, the pop out windows are a great accessory.