1967 VW Beetle Sedan For Sale

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This sweet 1967 Sedan is located in Washington State.
It is very clean and pretty and is an excellent runner and driver.

It has been in the owner's hands for 20 years!
Always garaged and kept in service.

The owner has a fat file of receipts dating back to 1987 on the car!

It is in very nice shape inside and out...still looks fresh and pretty.

The chassis of the car looks very solid.
The back sections of the pans have been cleanly replaced.

Front sections look super solid as do the bottoms of the heater channels.

The repairs done were nicely sealed and look very solid.

Inside the car is very clean.
The front seats are often under covers to keep them nice.

Drivers seat looks fine.

Here are a bunch of the receipts!

Fender wells look very solid.

Back seat is good...there is a small spot on the top of the seat back where the sun has gotten to it

Window rubbers and body seals are looking good.

Factory sunroof is a fantastic option on these cars and is pretty hard to come by!

The sunroof works well and does not leak according to the owner.

I love sunroof cars!

There is a little tear right at the handle on the headliner.

A few dark marks as well on the material right at the opening...these may clean up.

Steering wheel and dash look great.

Bamboo parcel tray and color matched pedal assembly.

The front seats have custom fit neoprene covers (like wetsuit material) that is very durable
and with the nice Hawaiian print adds some fun to the inside.
The dash looks clean and un-cut. I like the flower vase and the period radio in the dash.

Very sharp.
I see the original 67 only retractable seat belts are still in place,

Looks like the outter window scraper may be coming apart a bit but the rest is looking fine.

Door panels are very clean

Rear window has a defroster! Note the wires coming down on each side.
This is from a later model but very neat to see the adaptation.

Carpet on the back of the back seat is original...the luggage area carpet has been replaced.

Here is the damage to the top of the back seat.

Good seat belts in the back.

The original belt units were off white and have been painted black, the paint is chipping a little
but could easily be resprayed.
The seat covers are very nice quality and fit great!

Love the flower vase.

Under the engine lid...a bit of road grime but I bet it would clean off easily.

The stock 1600cc single port engine runs great!
12 volt electrics, 009 distributor.

The 67 only dual snorkel air cleaner is present and in nice shape.

Pretty clean overall.

The restoration is quite a few years old now but it is holding up well and still looks sharp.

Up close on the nose you can see some stone chips that have been touched up.

Under the hood.

Looks quite straight.

One very interesting accessory up front is the factory gas heater!
It is not currently hooked up but it is complete.
Very interesting options on this car...sunroof, pop out side windows, and a gas heater?

Matching chrome wheel for the spare.

Chrome looks excellent.


The wider than stock chrome wheels give the car a sporty look.
The paint color is very fun as well.

Amber top taillight lenses.
1967 Volkswagen plate frame.

Nice car!

Stock suspension height, not lowered or messed with.
Looks like a good solid example and the owner says it is very mechanically sound.
What a fun driver this car would make!!

Very good tread on the tires.

In closing this looks like a very fun and clean Beetle.
The paint color and chrome rims, the factory sunroof and pop out windows...all of it
make for a very attractive car. Its not a flawless show level machine but it is not priced as one.
This looks like a reasonable price for such a car!

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