1965 VW Single Cab Pickup For Sale

The VW trucks are really wonderful characters.
That happy VW Bus up front and the utilitarian massive hauling space out back.
Its the automotive opposite of the "Mullet" haircut.
Its business in the back and party in the front.

This Southern California based 1965 model is a very fun machine.
The current owner completed the restoration about 5 years ago or so
and has used it on an occasional basis for the past few years.

It was one of those projects that started out with humble intentions of just freshening up an old truck
and then blossomed into a full bare metal re-spray and far more detail than first planned.

The owner kept it classic looking, but got a bit creative in the details and some upgrades in performance.
The two tone paint color combo is not an original option, but it looks sweet and somewhat serious.

Nice looking rig all the way around and it is something the owner has enjoyed driving and occasionally showing
at the Southern California VW events.

There have been some fun accessories added such as "safari" windows in front and back.
There have also been purpose driven upgrades such as the "rhino lining" type coating on the bed and gate tops to
make it a durable and useful hauler as it was first intended.

Chrome frames on the Safaris add a little bling

The gate latches as well have been chromed.
Nice smooth bodywork down the sides and the truck features the
desirable "treasure chest doors" on both sides for easy access to the under bed storage.