1963 VW 23 Window Microbus For Sale

The final year for 23 window production was 1963 as in 64 VW reworked the rear hatch
to a wider opening and forever did away with the iconic corner windows for German production.

This California based 63 23 window is a stellar genuine example that has been
restored to better than new condition. The color combination is the most desired
of the spectrum...Turkis and Blue White...it is just superb.

This bus has had every nit and bolt attended to and is in spectacular shape.
The restorer is a madman and went way and above the norm with this one both in quality
and in outfitting. There are a lot of super special touches done that set this apart from other in the world.

Overall this appears to be very stock and proper and the finish level is stunning.
Very subtle touches pop out at you when you look close.
It is one of those vehicles that the more you look at it...the better it gets.

It is a factory original 23 window, not a clone.
There are quite a few of those out there so if you are in the market, it is wise to check the numbers and details.

The 63 model is a unique one in a few ways.  While it is the final year for the corner windows,
it was the first year for many other details and refinements.

One detail that is 63 specific is the inward pointing side vents.
In 62 or older models these vents poke outward.

A couple of great details the restorer has put into this build...check out the subtle green tint to the windows.
Also you can see here that the farthest back flat side windows are pop outs like the others.
These originally were fixed glass.

The pop out latches are all the long "spoon" latches that allow for amazing ventilation.

The front windows of course are the iconic "safari windows" that really transform the drive into an experience.

The aluminum body trim has been polished to a mirror shine, the color matching insert
looks fantastic as dones the chrome VW logo.

Better than new...this Bus is spotless

Stock height...no silly lowered suspension or funny wheels

Wheels are trimmed with detail painted hubcaps and wheel trim rings on color matched stock rims.
Bias ply thin whitewall tires look superb.

This Bus has the very desirable walk thru front seats!!
Interior is done in the como green with green mesh material as original but a lot of special details have been
added to make this "deluxe" even more "deluxe".

The front kick panels have been done in a matching teo tone with chrome trim that lines up with the door panels.
It looks fantastic..why VW never did this is beyond me!
Other details are the black piping to match the knobs and controls.

Behind the front seats as well the panels continue...another fantastic touch.
Normally this would be exposed body paint there.
Black seat stand mats were used to match the front floor mat.

The owner has crafted a slick matching bungee strap
that stretches from door to door to keep them open at full wingspan at the shows.


Headliner is very well fit and detailed.
Black visors to match the details on the seats.
Wind deflector accessories on the fresh air vent that aim the air on you rather than across the roof.

I love the panels behind the seat...looks like they should all be that way!

Original M code tag is present and left exposed to show that it is the real deal.


Body tag in the engine room is present as well

Stamped number in the body as well...everything lines up as it should.

Engine room is super clean and well detailed.

All stock and fully rebuilt 40 horse 1200cc engine as original.
Detailed to show level and runs like a swiss watch.

Super clean!!

Better than new...so tidy!

Nice VW logo mud flaps

Beautifully polished bumper trims and very cleanly crafted rubber trims for under the guards and overriders.
These are areas that often get chiped and flawed where the painted surfaces hit other painted surfaces...the rubber trims keep things looking sweet.

Matching spare wheel and tire fitted in back.

All the "jailbars" are in place.

Very nice!!

Luggage rail is in place along the back seat.
Early style middle seat grab bars are for more attractive than the plastic examples.

The rubber mat in the luggage area is a nice choice as well so that all flooring surfaces
have the same color and pattern.

The level of detail is apparant wherever you look.

Center and rear seat have the correct trim panels

Love that walk through front seat option!!

Underneath the Bus is just as impressive

Showroom clean!

Beautiful underneath!

Stainless trim rings look great.
I like the detail painting in the hubcap centers as well.

Underside detail



New tires from period molds ...very nice fit and period look

So clean!

Under the engine as well is very clean

Steering whel looks fantastic as do the matching black knobs and controls.
Normally on these Deluxe models these would be an off white color.

Dash looks fantastic.
I like the grab handle as well with the chrome ends and black insert


Walk through aisle detail

Harp mirror arms look great!

Of course she is always stored indoors and kept out of the elements.
The owner is a very detail oriented collector that knows quality and wont settle for anything less.

Nice reflection down the sides.

One key fits all the locks and ignition.


What a jewel

Here are a few more underside shots of the controls from below with the splash pan removed...

And here with the splash pan in place

Nice work!

In closing this is a gorgeous Bus inside and out and it is ready to make a new owner proud.
A lot of effort and detail went into the restoration and the small tasteful trim updates make it something
that stands out well above the others out there on the market. You wont find another one just like this.

Great Bus!

$155,000 obo

For More Info...CALL
951 767 1600
or Email oldbug@earthlink.net