1977 VW Type 181 "Thing" For Sale

This is a rare one!
Oh sure, at first glance it looks to be a fairly average VW "Thing"
but looking deeper this is much rarer than that.

The "Things" that we normally see in the US were built in Mexico in 1973 and 1974.
This one was actually built in Germany in 1977!

While VW of Mexico did continue to build the type 181 for local use until 1980
Volkswagen of Germany built their own versions for the German Military until 1983.
What is very strange about this example is that it was built as a civilian model.
What is even stranger still is that it is here in the US!

The best part about the car though is that it is an extremely clean original un-restored example
with very low miles. The chassis is extremely solid and it shows no signs of rust or repairs.

Very clean and dry underneath

The engine was out for a major service about 5 years ago and it was detailed nicely at the time.
Mileage since this work was done have been minimal.

Very solid car!