1967 VW 21 Window Microbus For Sale

1967 was the final year for the German production split screen body design
and the absolute top of the line transporter was the Deluxe model with sunroof.
This high spec model has been highly prized by collectors and has been replicated and duplicated
many times by those that want to capture the timeless style and to try to profit on its popularity.
As time has marched forward we are finding a lot of "fakes" out there on the market today, either lesser
model examples that have been converted to the 21 window look, or even the non German production VWs
that have made it to the shores of America in recent years.
If you are someone that takes pride in having the genuine article...this Bus is well worth the look.

The color is Velvet Green and is a beautiful choice and is period correct for the model.
Coincidentally it matches the dumpster in front of our place almost perfectly...but that is where the similarities end.

This Bus has a long California history and is a very cleanly restored example that is mechanically strong
and ready for fun and adventure.

The paint and bodywork on it is very nice all the way around.
I would rate the paint at an easy 8 out of 10, with 10 being flawless.

The suspension is stock and proper and it just has that clean classic look that people go wild for.

The bumpers are missing the aluminum and rubber trims that were originally on the Deluxe models
but this would be a simple thing to install once you sourced them.

The Bus shows well and drives well.