1965 VW Type III Notchback For Sale

This So Cal based 1965 Notch is seriously one of the nicest we have seen here at Oldbug.com.
Featured in Hot VWs Magazine and loaded with all the trick accessories and a fantastic attention to detail
this is a car that anyone would be proud to own.

The car is painted the original Sea Blue paint color and the finish quality is high.
The overrider bumpers are a rarely seen item on these cars.
I like the amber topped flat "Euro" taillight lenses and the vanity plate on the back is awesome!

Very much what most would call, a "Resto Cal" approach with all the stock trimmings and just a lowered stance and custom wheels.
Performance upgrades have been made as well, but everything is a bolt on...so the integrity of the car is totally intact.
If you desired to put this one back to original specs...it could be done pretty easily.

The clear signal lenses and the totally cool light bar and fog lights...awesome.
The early small lip style mustache is also a  rarity.
H4 Ero style headlights too...this car has ALL the cool stuff!

Very clean...chrome is excellent, all of it in showroom shape

The interior is done beautifully as well.
Blue seats with off white piping and oatmeal carpets.
A couple of nice hints towards the performance upgrades with the Crow racing belts and the Gene Berg locking shifter.

The underside of the engine is extremely clean...you could eat off this thing!

Impressive level of detail under here,

I like the trim line oil sump.
Case is tapped for full flow oiling and an auxillary filter is in use.

Ceramic coated exhaust from A-1...top level stuff!

So cool...these Notchbacks are one of the coolest VW models ever.
And this example is truly top shelf stuff.

So sweet!

Featured in Hot VWs a few years back and still looking great!

March 2009.

Nice spread!

Dream car

Sits nice...low but not insanely so...very drivable!

The interior is custom colors taken from a 1957 type 1 (water blue / off white)
The carpet is oatmeal German square weave. The dash is the correct wrap dash and is NOS.
 All of the gages are extremely nice. The actual stock clock has been converted to a functional tach and appears to be the clock.
The interior is 100% complete with all of the correct original pieces other than the colors. It also has a correct type 3 Bambus tray.
The stock shifter was replaced with a Gene Berg locking shifter.  Crow racing belts both front and rear.
 Finally, it has an extremely clean original very rare Empi coach steering wheel painted 2 tone to match the car.

Rear seat has the fold down armrest.
I am impressed with the fit and finish of the interior, and the color combo is gorgeous.

Door panels are super sweet!

The clock converted to a tach is totally cool...it looks totally stock until it is "go time"!

The two tone Coach wheel is amazing!
Check out the Bambus parcel tray and the polished locking Gene Berg shifter too.

Gorgeous..."kids...wiper those feet please!"

Headliner is very clean and tightly fit.


I see the proper ashtrays in place and all the details here.
Pop out quarter windows .

Truly spotless finish here in the rear trunk!

It has a Dave Greiner (Proformance) 2387cc powerhouse out back.
The heads are welded "B" heads from Pauter Machine. It has a forged 86mm crank, H beam rods,
Cima 94mm cylnders, FK8 cam with Scat 1.4 ratio rockers, and straight cut steel timing gears.
 The case is full flowed with an external cooler/fan and filter.
The carbs are NOS Dellorto DLRA 45's with short type 3 manifolds matched to the heads.
It has a ceramic coated A1 sidewinder exhaust with a fully polished stainless muffler.
It has a 1700 lbs pressure plate with an 8 dowel lightened flywheel.
All of the tin is powder coated and the motor is completely detailed.
Finally, the insulation on the bottom of the engine lid and the material lining the inside of the trunk was replaced. 
The replacement material was shipped in from Belgium.  The motor makes about 170 HP!!

It has a performance swing axel tranny from Rancho with a 388 freeway ring and pinion, short axels, and aluminum side plate.
 It has new drum brakes in the rear and the front was converted to Porsche 944 disc brakes.
The wheels are original early fuchs finished and detailed by Al Reed including 4.5's in the front and deep 6's in the rear. The tires are Continental.

Disck brakes? Check...Porsche 944
Wheels real? Check...genuine article polished by the master, Al Reed.

Seriously...this car has it all!

6's in the back wrapped with high end Continental rubber.

Front trunk is super clean as well with the stock jack in place and a matching spare.
I like seeing the paint code sticker in place as well...really nice level of detail to this car.

Accessory Jokon reverse lights under the plate light.

Nice fit to the performance exhaust...A-1 sure builds nice stuff!

Engine is super clean and well detailed too.
This is a true "turn key" driver too...not a trailer queen.

All the window rubber and body seals are in great shape...trim is bright and clean.

In closing this is about as nice as they get.
Really well done in all regards and fitted with the best of everything.
Great looks, seat-pinning performance, and all worked into a classic Notchback that just oozes style.


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