Meyers Manxter Street Buggy

Back in the 1960's a fellow by the name of Bruce Meyers developed a legendary vehicle...the Meyers Manx.
This was the iconographic Dune Buggy that has become permanently etched into the pages of automotive history.
Many copies came and went, but Meyers was the originator and the originals have become hot collectibles.
Back a few years ago Bruce came up with a modern Buggy body, called the Manxter, and they are once again
the cream of the crop of the modern Buggy bodies...and the one in these photos is a pretty awesome example.

The build on this was started in 2004 and finished just this was a long process for it's owner
but the results are self is stunning.
Some of the real unique attributes of this example are the interior and the custom air brush work
on the roof and dash and other areas. Its a great look...very "beachy" and very well done.

The car is really fresh in all regards and has been driven very few miles since completion.

The sweet details are what really make it stand out...check out the hood badge!!

Mirrors have been given the woodgrain treatment.

Roof is a work of art to be sure.

The interior is really gorgeous and more custom faux woodgrain work on the dashboard is wonderful.

Full padded roll cage, custom two tone upholstered seats and panels...full fitted carpet and everything like brand new.

This is the 2+2 model that has the back seats...not a huge amount of room, but the kids sure wont mind!

Front seats are adjustable of course to provide a little more leg room for the rear passengers.
Really nice color choice in my opinion, it plays off the red paintwork wonderfully.

In these photos a bit of material is taped over the edge to keep the body mark free...the owner has taken wonderful care of it
and it has truly been a labor of love for him. Unfortunately the funds are needed and it is now up for sale.

Full instrumentation, nice steering wheel, custom shifter and pedals...check out the chrome
brake handle and the locking glove box with more amazing artistry applied.

Bruce Meyers, the man himself, has signed the rear fender in approval of the builders creation.

Engine is a pro built Scat 1776cc unit that by itself was $4500...the trans and brakes are all new, the interior is top end
the chassis is clean and nicely finished, really no stone left unturned. The builder estimates that he has
about $32,000 invested in it, not counting a penny for his time and labor.

Wheels and tires are excellent

Front hood pops up to reveal the custom fuel tank with more amazing airbrush work.

Really neat touch!

Wiring is all top nitch, everything super clean and well worked out.

Top off for open air motoring !

In closing this car is really stunning. It is a fully new build, done with no holds barred,
a unique style applied and many unique touches that will make it stand out in any crowd.
To build a turn key car built to this level by any of the pro shops would easily cost over $40k.


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