Amazing 1969 VW Beetle For Sale

OK are going to love this one!!
1969 Beetle, just a shade over 70,000 original miles and in truly impressive original condition.
Its not 100% "all" original as a few bits have been replaced, but it does retain the original paint
inside and out !!

Lets get right in the corners straight off...the "devil is in the details" as they say
and I want to show you that this one is all angel!!
Remember as you pour through the mases of photos on this car...original paint...

Original tool!

Original German spare has never hit the ground!

Are you drooling yet?  You should be!!

Original color matched fender beading...not painted over.

The interior has had some work done such as the new carpets and seat covers... but more on that later...

Original windshield!!
(rubber has been replaced)

Original key...and a small chip in the windshield

Odometer reads 70.438 miles at the time of these photos...and this is the original miles on the car.

The cleanliness of the car in the corners is simply fantastic.

Carpet is not the original, but looks very nice.
Just to be the picky bastard that I am...if it were mine I would install the original German wool carpets
but Im only saying that to boost my own ego about knowing what is "correct" (LOL!)

There is an alien between the out!!

Seat uholstery has been redone and is in fantastic condition.

Seatt backs have a wrinkle or two, but it sure is nice to see the little buttons on the headrests as-original.

The dash pad has been replaced as has the rubber mats.
The car never had a radio installed by the way!

Glove box is still fuzzy inside...

Check out that clean original floor under the mats!

Extremely solid and clean in the corners.

Original door panels!

A couple little dings in the window scraper trim...

Scrapers look excellent.

When is the last time you saw an original paint door hinge so clean?

The car is totally solid.

Note the antenna block off mentione before, never a radio installed.

New tires all around...excellent.

Here you can see a couple slight scuffs on the leading edge of the is not "perfect" paint
but for being all original it is impressive.

Another couple dings

OK...the engine is the original to the car and it has been completely and professionally rebuilt.
The cleanliness and detailing matches all the car and it does run and driver very well indeed.

Proper vacuum advance distributor.

Carburator is new as is the fuel pump, the rest looks like the original German stuff.

New German muffler.

New KYB shocks

Oh so clean!!

German fresh air hoses...nice!

A couple paint flaws on the apron..

Little dings here and there...but minimal, and they all help prove the originality of the car.

So nice!

The car is located in the state of Oregon and it has a clean title.

Here are a couple "postcard shots" for you...

Doesnt it look fresh off the showroom?
If you look super close in spots you can see some paint flaws.
It appears that during it's history it was covered for a period of time and
there are spots in the paint where you can see the very slight imprint of the weave of the material.
The light has to hit it just right...but it is there.

Check out the owners manual and original documents included.

The story of the car is below...
This car was purchased from the original family by the current owner on 2-5-2011 with 69,852 original miles on it.
The original owners Alfred & Grace Conner purchased this car new on 3-22-1969 at Munson Volkswagen Inc. in Bozeman, Montana.
Grace drove the car as a cook & tender for a large ranch and often had the car parked during the long winters and while working for a week at a time, cooking for a crew of 12-15 Men.
This car was stored under a tarp for many of it’s 42 years, hence the canvas textured paint surface where the tarp was under the weight of snow
& the small dents and dings on the body were cause by farm implements banging against it etc.
Alfred passed away many years ago and Grace owned the car until she was 93 years old, she passed away 12 years ago.
The car was then inherited by their son Floyd.

It is just a great car...totally stock, very well preserved while being tastefully brought back to operating condition with a rebuilt engine and a few replaced soft bits.

I think you would have a hard time finding a better example out there than this one.
Its a sweetheart and a testament to its first owner Grace, and her care for the car
as well as the current owner's revival and preservation efforts.

Great car!

$10,950 obo

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