1952 VW Beetle Deluxe Sedan For Sale

Rolling off the Wolfsburg line January 8th, 1952 this beauty shipped out to Helsinki, Finland on January 14th, 1952
where it remained for the next 63 years.  For unknown reasons the car was titled as a 1951 when it arrived
stateside while Finnish sales documentation appears to correctly date it to 1952…which matches the production data tag of the car.

Now conveniently garaged close to Washington DC, the car’s a great opportunity for mid-Atlantic coast residents
to easily view a first-rate split window in person while saving thousands for on-site inspection travel costs,
plus cross-country vehicle transportation from the typical west coast markets.

A brief history shows that the car was sold to a local priest in the mid 50’s and then became a family car until 1968
when it went out of service.  Rediscovered in 1980, it underwent a cosmetic and partial mechanical restoration
in 2010 before it’s leaving Finland for Southern California in 2015.  Upon arrival, it quickly passed through two “resellers”
before it ultimately arrived with its current owner a year later.  Once there, it finally received its well-deserved and thorough mechanical overhaul
that happily returned the car to a safe to operate, really reliable, and truly roadworthy condition.

Finished in its correct original L 11 Pastel Green paint, the car still rides on 16” rims with Firestone 5.50x16 bias ply tires.
  The contemporary upholstery presents well as period appropriate (with original material lining both glove boxes).

Following its 2016 arrival in the Washington DC suburbs, much was accomplished returning this gem to a practical and usable condition.
 NOS Swedish Klippan brand seat belts were added on the front seats.  Period correct “Talbot” brand dual outside hinge mirrors
 also give the driver much improved split window rear visibility in traffic.  A period rear fog light is connected
with the front parking lights for yet another added visibility measure. 
Replacing the badly scratched and pitted (non-original) windshield once again assured a clear view where it counts most.
 Complimenting these safety features is a dual tone set of horns ensuring you are both seen and heard when it matters most. 
The M codes cited for the car are indecipherable by Wolfsburg, however the period correct Huf steering lock/ignition switch,
 a “Cyclone” air filter, and crotch coolers may define the mystery codes.  
It’s also equipped with pop out rear windows which appear to be aftermarket.

Available for separate sale is a period correct spare tire gas can, and reproduction Hazet spare tire tool kit.

The brake system was rebuilt in Finland.   Recently equipped with a new Rancho synchronized transaxle,
a professionally rebuilt front end, new generator, new starter, plus a new 6-volt single port 1600 engine which was added within the past year.
All of this critically underpins a very period correct appearance while giving you the safety and performance
you require to safely operate with, and survive today’s rough and tumble traffic. 
Having driven a crash box with an under powered engine for a couple years before, I can tell you that the experience fails to qualify as “fun to drive”. 
However, this car’s arrangement definitely does.

Clean under the lids.

The 1600cc single port still retains a reasonably stock appearance with the rounded fan shroud
and original cyclone air cleaner in place.  The purists will know the difference
but the increased power and reliability is a very welcome upgrade.
Running a crash box trans and 25hp in todays world is taking your life in your hands.