The Legendary Shaky Jake Show Car

Back in the 1970's in California, the custom VW scene
was huge... and there were many players out there that were trying to top one another
in the show scene...the competition was fierce and in around 1974 one of the "heavies" in the scene
showed up with a car that simply blew the competition in the dirt...this is that car.

On the cover of Hot VW's Magazine in October 1974... "Shaky's Masterpiece".

This historic photo shows the car when freshly completed at one of the fabled Bug In events at OCIR was truly over the top in all regards
and at the time it was considered the most expensive custom VW of all time!

Ultra high fashion here...instrumentation like no other,
machine turned stainless dash panels and trims...the list went on and on.

The flared fenders, the split rear window, the side scoops and that amazing exhaust set up...
This was serious stuff, and even the underside was detailed for show...mirrors underneath and all.
The metal work was all done by the legendary Neil Emory that owned the Valley Custom Shop in Burbank in the 50's and 60's.

The wild rear louver set up on the engine lid was another one off detail that made Shaky's car stand out.

The wheels on the car in the 70's were one off customs that really stood out in the crowd.

Shaky himself was well known to be crazy...and this is his "other" show car.
Shaky was a pinstriper by trade and worked on custom cars all day long, every day.
To break the mold he built the ugliest car he could possibly come up with and brought it to the shows as well.
Needless to say...the crazy car got more attention than the shiny stuff...over the years he piled more and more stuff on the car.
Who knows where that car ended up!!

But Shaky's Show Car is still alive and well
and it is as stunning as it ever was.
There are a few changes that have been made over time, but the essense and overall impressive build
remain intact. I for one am so excited to see that it is still around!!

The paintwork was all redone recently, but done to exacting standards to match what it was
back in the day. Paint quality is excellent.

Bimpers and headlight rings are now matching and the odd Oval window style
turn signals on the car in the 70's are gone.

The fantastic molded mirrors still remain.

The flared fenders remain as well..but gone are the funkadelic 70's wheels.
Now replaced with modern billet units...

The frameless pop out windows with glass etching are still in place
as are the superb low profile side scoops behind the quarter windows.

Etched glass... pure 70's high fashion!

Nice pinstriping...
Shaky was a striper and the legend was that he was always shaking
like a chihuahua after a cup of expresso...until he had the brush in his hand!

The interior of the car has all been redone in modern materials and design.
Really looks fantastic...excellent quality.
(but I must admit I would be more excited to see the original "fat biscuit" vinyl that was in the car in the 70's)

Headliner is really nicely done with a molded in VW emblem in the center.

Scat Pro-Car seats in the car look great.
I see the original copper Hurst shifter is in place...a rare item these days!

The dash remains untouched with the exception of the steering wheel and
a more modern audio system (it had a nifty 8 Track in there when shown in the 70's!)

The machine turned trim panels are a true work of art.

The trip speedo with black and grey face is pretty unique as well.
The mileage on the odometer is thought to be original to the car!!
The car has spent nearly it's whole life as a show car!

The rear engine louvers were one of the most unique attributes of the car.
They were sourced from a Renault 4cv I believe!

The engine has been brought up to date as well with dual Weber carbs and a splash of chrome.
It is a 1776cc unit that has only 300 miles on it since the rebuild.
The original turned stainless firewall remains in place.
The car as it sits today is an excellent running, fully drivable machine.
Suitable for show...or go.

The quad exhaust remains and a very slick custom rear bumper has been added.

What a stunning rear end eh?
Love it!
A car that truly wowed the crowds in the mid 70's that still has the same effect in 2011 !!!

Period Hurst Shifter!

Original production sticker

New KYB shocks

Very clean and dry underneath.

When you see the pushrod tubes shiny like this...the engine must be fresh!

Chrome trailing arms on the front.

I love how the paint and striping continues even under the engine lid.

Those Haneline engine turned door sills are awesome!

Rear deck is nicely finished.

Scoops behind the quarter windows are very nicely executed.

Billet aluminum running boards are a modern addition and fit the car well.

Very clean and tasteful interior.

In closing this is a true one of a kind Beetle.
Its history is colorful and well documented and I think it  would make a fantastic addition to a collection of
historical VW cars, or just as it sits it is a fantastic car that will hold it's own at any car show in the world.

More photos of the car are soon to come, including photos of the underside and under the front hood.
I will post them here as soon as they the mean time...enjoy these and contact me with any questions.

$14,750 obo
(price reduced!!)

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