1922 Ford / VW Hot Rod For Sale

This is a truly unique and truly wild machine!
Now we have had a couple of "Volks T" style cars on the site before but nothing as insane as this one.
This car is located in Indiana and it is a hand built wild thing...not a kit, a true one off.

The paint is superb with the classic flame job, nice pinstripe highlights an airbrush shadow.

The heart of the beast is a truly mental fuel injected 2.2 litre VW engine with the best of the best inside.

Ceramic coated headers feed into Supertrap polished stainless silencers.
Autocraft rockers with dual valve springs,
CB Performance Fuel Injection system.
Electronic ignition, all of it built by well known builder Bernie Bergmann.
This car is shockingly fast!

Full custom frame and suspension is a real work of art.
4 wheel disc brakes, coil overs on all four corners, the car really
runs out great...a fun and exhillarating ride.

Full instrumentation.
Neal pedal assembly, tilt steering column.

Custom aluminum fuel tank under the front hood.
Optima battery, excellent wiring...even an Ahoogah horn!

Here you can see the steering box and hydraulics.
This car is very well engineered and professionally built.

Check out the frame set up here as well as the breather set up and fuel supply for that big whoppin motor.

Really nice here...Im quite impressed with this frame.
Looks like a Hi Torque starter and a beefed up trans with heavy duty side plates.

The interior is load and fun and matches the car perfectly.
The paintwork on the steering wheel is pretty wild!

Seats are slick little buckets and there are nice fat racing belts to hold you in.
Between the seats is the controller for the fuel injection.

The car is very fresh and clean in appearance...it is certainly show car quality through and through.
yet the owner is clear that it is fully functional and he is not afraid to drive it.
Tires are excellent on the American racing wheels, the steering is tight and the shifting is smooth.

The underside is clean and all built for business...oil cooler to help the motor stay at temp.
Extra filter as well

A wild machine.

This is a car that stands out in any crowd!!

Some neat subtle touches like the LED taillights molded into the back of the body and the very realistic looking
radiator "core" that has been fade painted with checkers to match the front of the car.

The American Racing billet wheels are very slick on the car and give it a proper Hot Rod appearance.

Very cleanly detailed.

Here you can see the faux radiator and the LED signals hidden in the headlight stands
as well as the flush mount taillights at the back of the body.

This is not a car for everybody, it is certainly a fair weather driver, with no top and open wheels.
But for the money I think it would be hard to find a car any wilder and well built.

Pretty imporessive machine I must say...and the best part about it is that there is only one of them out there like this.
Sure there are some crazy Buggies out there and a lot of kit built T buckets and things like that, but the blend of modern
materials and technology with the Hot Rod looks and VW performance makes it something completely outside the box.

And dare I say it...it's pretty darn cute too!
What a blast!

$15,500 obo
(open to all reasonable offers)

For More Info...CALL
or email oldbug@earthlink.net