1956 VW Beetle Sunroof Sedan For Sale

It all starts with the turn of the key.
The engine fires to life, a short warm up, and into gear and on the road.
Each car provides a different driving experience, from super exotics to the daily work horse...they all start with the key.
But in a vintage VW...that key ignites a very strong sense of fun and friendship wherever you go.
One of the best parts about the VW scene is the people...and this key gets you in the club.

The key above fits a pretty special VW by the way...this Agave Green Oval sunroof sedan.
The Oval windows are highly prized and a sunroof model, doubly so.

This California based example has had a very nice full restoration done, with some performance upgrades and a few mild changes
but remains fully original as far as the body and trim, so reverting it back to stock could certainly be done with minimal effort.
In fact the owner has the original 36 horse engine to go along with the sale if desired.

The Agave Green color is a correct color for the era and is one that is not commonly seen.
Great look and with the tan interior and top, it really stands out in the crowd.

The interior is very pretty and all if it quite nicely done.

Great color combination.

The big sunroof is a real joy out on the road...it is no wonder people love them so much!

The "W" deck lid of the Oval era cars is just a beautiful design.
The "year of manufacture" California plates are a great touch as well.

Nice stance, a bit lowered in the front and with the big exhaust hanging out the back it is obvious to the
folks around you that the old 36 horse engine is  no longer making the machine go!

The car is very clean underneath as well.
Ceramic coated exhaust, finned aluminum valve covers, remote oil filter.

Suspension and chassis are properly clean and detailed.

Deep oil sump for added oil capacity.

Front suspension detail.

Nice underbelly.

Very solid car.

And back up top it is obviously a pretty thing.

Wolfsburg crest hood badge

Color matched headlight buckets and halogen headlamps.

Wiring and under front hood areas are excellent...very clean.

Matching spare wheel and tire.

I have no clue what this photo is of...but the owner provided it..so here it is!

Super clean

Sunroof rails are cleanly polished.

Really a very nice looking car, chrome is bright and clean and it all really looks fresh and show-ready.

Another interior shot...so nice.

A few very desirable bits on the interior such as the Motorola "Big M" radio and the very rare fuel gauge.

Body is straight and smooth down the sides.

Remote oil filter, excellent tires.

The engine is a strong running 2027cc unit with 48IDF Weber carbs.
Color matched engine tins, 12 volt electrics with alternator.

Very very clean and it runs fantastic.

A full folder of receipts for the restoration.
Lots of money spent on this one and it shows!

Interior is very sweet...proper German square weave carpets
well done and fully stitched seat upholstery (not heat seamed like the production interior covers are)

Headliner looks awesome!

Very sharp...check out the fuel tap extention accessory in this photo as well.

Really spotless in here.

Love that Motorola radio!


The original wheels are included with the sale if you wanted to put it back to stock.

In closing this is really a nice car inside and out and upside down.
Well done the whole way through.
Receipts for parts and service for the restoration alone add up to well over the asking price.
Labor not counted nor the purchase price of the car when the owner started with it...there is a lot of money invested.
And it truly shows.

$29,500 obo

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or email oldbug@earthlink.net