1942 VW Type 166 Schwimmwagen For Sale

OK...you love your VW but are sad that you cant take it in the bathtub with you?
Now there is a cure for that ailment...buy yourself a VW that swims!

In WW2 VW built quite a few different vehicles for use in the war effort but none are as famous
or spectacular as the Schwimmwagen.

This example is located in England currently but can easily be shipped around the world.
It is a genuine, well documented example that is fully functional in both land and water.
At the recent Hessisch Oldendorf event in Germany it joined a whole trail of Schwimmers
for a two hour long swim in the local river...it behaved flawlessly.

You just have to dig this eh?
How freakin cool is this??

As mentioned above this is a well documented car that has a nice older restoration.
It shows a bit of use but still presents itself very well.
Best of all it is fully sorted and ready for play.

It has all the proper details in place

Modern fire extinguisher for safety