1967 Deluxe Bus with modern electric power for sale!

The classic Microbus is a cultural icon without a doubt.
Recognizable across the world and a vehicle that immediately brings up the
whole vibe of freedom that the 60's represent.
It is fun, it is happy and it is undeniably cool.

This particular example is a very special machine. It is not only a rolling icon of the past,
it represents the future as well.  This bus is electric!

The classic look has remained intact and pure, but lift the engine lid and you are welcomed to the future.
This is a professionally done conversion by the fine folks at Zelectric in Southern California.
They have been doing conversions on classic cars for about 6 years now and have completed nearly 25 of them so far.
This particular example has been driven abut 1500 miles since conversion and has been featured in many
publications and shown at automotive events all over the place.

The basics of this conversion is that the electric motor simply replaces the factory engine.
The factory drive line and suspension remains stock and untouched and the modifications done
are minimal. If one ever desired to go back to the factory engine, it could easily be accomplished.

Originality is not what it is all about though, it is about blending the style of the past with the latest electric car technology
and creating a quiet, reliable, endlessly fun cruiser that costs pennies to run.

Here are the technical specs.

Battery pack
22 kWh (36-180Ah Lithium cells by CALB)
60 mile range
Battery life: 160,000+ miles - 15+ years
Custom 6061-Aluminium Battery Box / Middle seat

Maintenance-free 100% electric 3-phase
65KW 85HP AC-50 motor from HPEVS
650 amp Controller with custom cooling system
124 foot-pounds of instant torque
Estimated top speed 100 MPH (I’ve had it up to 80 no problem)

Charging Components
Orion BMS (battery management system)
Custom dash-mounted CAN-fuel gauge from Speedhut
2500 watt on-board charging system
Built-in J1772 charge port for Level 1 & 2 home or public charging
DC/DC converter (charges stock 12-volt system - lights radio etc.)

Drivetrain Improvements
Drive-by-wire throttle system (no throttle cable to break)
Dash-mounted electric reverse switch (go backwards in any gear)
Heavy Duty Clutch & Custom Lightened Flywheel
Regen assist in-line braking sensor
Rebuilt 4-speed IRS transaxle from Wright gearbox

Suspension Improvements & Safety Upgrades
Diamond back white wall radial tires
KYB gas shocks
HD front sway bar
Wagenswest Wilwood Front Disc Brakes with dual master cylinder
12-volt battery in-line battery fuse

Additional Upgrades
TruckLight LED head, brake, and running lights
Safari windows (supplied)
Rebuilt steering box with new arms & tie rods
New turn-signal switch
Radio delete plate
New canvas roof and hardware from Grumpy's
Rebuilt speedometer from Wolfsberg West
New door panels from West Coast VW Restoration

The rear suspension on this Bus has been upgraded to independent rear suspension
which is a great handling upgrade from the original swing axle system.
The motor puts out about 85hp and with the torque being what it is it is a very interesting driving experience.
You can pretty much drive the bus anywhere in 3rd gear! And when you come to a stop there’s no need to downshift.
Really easy to drive. 4th is only needed on the highway over 55mph

Charging time depends on what you plug into. At a 50% charge it will take 5-6 hours to recharge on a standard 120-volt outlet,
half that on 240v or public charge stations. Cost about $3 to drive 100 miles.  Current range is about 60 miles
so it is best set for local drives, but there are upgrades available to extend the range.

Simply plug it in to charge through the factory gas door.

The battery packs are all hidden super cleanly inside under the seat.
At a glance inside you would never expect that there was anything different than stock.

Even the kick panel on the side has the original style trim on it to blend right in.